Tuesday, October 14, 2008

NARS: Firming Foundation

Combining its sought after foundation with breakthrough technology, NARS introduces NARS Firming Foundation. NARS creates for the first time a formulation with increased skin benefits that not only reveals a flawless and radiant complexion, but also minimizes imperfections while improving skin’s resilience.

NARS Firming Foundation contains anti-aging properties that firm and lift skin through a Polypeptide Firming ComplexTM while antioxidants protect against free radical damage from the environment. Firming peptides help to relax facial muscle contractions, which over time can cause fine lines. A unique blend of brown algae, organic gotu kola, boswellia and an anti-aging patented Gatuline RP with Vitamin C, combine to effectively promote the production of collagen.

Skin feels significantly firmer and visibly lifted after 8 weeks. Dermatologist tested.

NARS offers a suggested application tip:
Before application, warm foundation by rubbing it in between hands. Working with fingers, place small amount of foundation in the center of face and begin pressing the foundation into the skin. Repeat steps over chin and forehead if necessary. Begin with a small amount and apply more as needed.

NARS is very excited and proud of its newest foundation formulation. They've even extended their foundation shade range to complement the lightest to the darkest skin tones.

**Siberia - for very fair, porcelain complexions
Deauville - for light to neutral skin tones with a perfect balance of pink and yellow
Mont Blanc - for fair, porcelain complexions with a slight hint of pink
Punjab - for light to medium complexions with peachy/pink undertones
Fiji - for medium skin with golden yellow undertones
Santa Fe - for medium skin with peachy/pink undertones
Barcelona - for tanned, olive and Asian skin with golden yellow tones
Stromboli - for a darker tanned, olive and Asian complexion with golden yellow undertones
Syracuse - for lighter dark complexions with yellow undertones
Tahoe - for lighter dark complexions with pink/peachy undertones
Cadiz - for medium to dark complexions with pink/peachy undertones
**New Orleans - for medium to dark complexions with yellow undertones
**New Guinea - for dark complexions with warm, yellow undertones
**Benares - for dark complexions with redder undertones
**Trinidad - for dark complexions with warm, yellow undertones
**Tortuga - for dark complexions with rich, warm undertones, ideal for the darkest skins tones

**NEW shades

NARS Firming Foundation is available beginning this month, October 2008 at SAKS and Nars Cosmetics - 1 fl oz/30 ml $50.

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