Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Luckyscent Introduces Sinfonia di Note

Latest Luckyscent Exsclusive - Sinfoia di Note

Luckyscent exclusive ~ Sinfonia di Note

LS says one of their very favorite things about visiting Italy is that they always discover the most incredible fragrances there. Sinfonia di Note is a gem of a line that they found in a little shop in Florence and it has all those qualities we all adore in Italian scents: excellent craftsmanship, striking originality and a sense of drama. The creators liken the creation of fragrance to the composition of music- The passion; the complexity; the ability to convey an infinite array of emotions using the same set of instruments.

The Sinfonia di Note collection is unusual and varied-- with some particular treasures for gourmand and spice lovers. They are also rather mysterious. While the creator does provide a list of notes for their scents, they are a bit - how do you say? - vague. No one wants to force masters to hand over their secret recipes, so Luckyscent invites you to speculate along with them as you experience this delightful collection.

Sinfonia di Note - $150, Eau de Parfum, 100ml.
Sinfonia di Note - SAMPLE PACK collection: 8 samples - One special price - $26
Order here - Limited availability.

Sinfonia di Note is exclusively available in the states at Luckyscent.

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