Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Defending Rachel

Do we really have to do this? I have to admit I'm really just amazed and disheartened that in this day and age people are still opting to be so vicious.

What's prompted my defense of Rachel Zoe? New York Times writer and critic Ginia Bellafante called Zoe "a pox on humanity" and her "mad consumption … downright unseemly." Add to this, articles all over the internet and in the press practically beating the woman to death with cruel nicknames and innuendo, choosing to display unflattering photos of her with little nasty catch phrases and the like. Have you never taken an unflattering photo yourself? I'm not going to reference these articles, posts, blogs, magazines, what have you aside from the one that sent me over the edge named above; just not going to perpetuate the hate. And make no mistake, hate it is!

I have to wonder what it is about Rachel that would draw out so much anger, hostility and venom. Is it jealously of some kind? Perhaps. Is it that these people, women mostly, think so little of the average Joe's (or Jane's) intelligence that they've made themselves believe we can't decipher entertainment from our own reality? Well, apparently they do - think that lowly of our intelligence, that is. Keep in mind, Ginia Bellafante is the same writer who has also been quoted as saying, "Defying our expectations, Heidi (Montag, of The Hills) has emerged as a kind of feminist hero". Puh-lease! Poor Ginia. Clearly she is confused about the difference between her reality and the rest of the world's.

Back to Rachel, you know I think BravoTV has done an excellent job presenting Rachel to us. The show, The Rachel Zoe Project, doesn't purport to say, "This is how you should live," at least not that I've seen. It's simply an entertaining look inside the world of a stylist wanting to branch out and expand her creativity and contribution. Yes, that's right; I said it - contribution. Further, it gives the viewer a teeny tiny look inside parts of the industries in which she works - fashion and entertainment. Look, for whatever hangups or issues the girl may or may not have (and only she knows what's really truth), she does have a skill, a talent, many actually, and it brings happiness to people. She is devoted to her work and her passion for her art shows. It is art; of course it is. Those who feel the need to throw sticks and stones at her, look inside your own inner makeup (no pun intended) to see what is causing those emotions to surface. The nastiness isn't about her, it's about you and your horns are showing.


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