Tuesday, October 7, 2008

BeneFit BADgal Plum + More

Ahem ...

You've heard all the hype from beauty bloggers galore to your favorite beauty mags, this little product is all the rage! BeneFit is offering free shipping through 10/14/08 on all their BADgal products, including this fab little plum mascara.

"What is BADgal Plum," you ask? This little number intensifies your natural eye color with a rich, luxurious plum mascara. It brings out any eye color! If you wear brown mascara, this is your new brown! It's the same famous BADgal lash formula & voluminous brush for lavishly long lashes.

The promo:
Get free shipping on all BADgal products through 10/14/08 with promo code BADGAL08 at checkout. Click the promo code to link straight to the offer.

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