Monday, October 27, 2008

This Works: Mecca Cosmetics' Q&A with Kathy Phillips

She is the beauty editor’s editor, and has created one of the most awarded global skincare lines, This Works. Kathy Phillips has been the beauty and fashion guru for UK Tatler, The Daily Mail and Sunday Times, spent seven years as Health & Beauty Director at UK Vogue, won numerous international industry awards, and is now International Beauty Director for Vogue, W and Allure in Asia. Mecca Cosmetics shared a few precious minutes with Kathy to find out a little more about the beauty expert behind the brand…

Where did your inspiration for This Works come from?
“I started to have aromatherapy massage when I was pregnant for the first time. The aromatherapy kept me really well, energetic and I have no stretch marks. I was hooked. After that with a big job and a small child the aromatherapy kept me going.”

You are famous for the quality of your essential oils - where do they come from and what is the importance of them?
“We get our oils from all over the world - and they change annually because, like wine, there are good years and bad years for each crop of herbs and flowers. Typically we get Rose from Morocco or Bulgaria, Ravensara from Madagscar, Lavender grown at High Altitude in the South of France, Patchouli from Indonesia and so on. These days we organise for them to be shipped back as an environmental decision.”

What is your daily This Works regime?
“My beauty routine is quite practical really. My luxury is a long bath with aromatherapy oils - In the Zone in the morning or Energy Bank when I need an energy boost. I couldn’t live without This Works Dry Leg Oil - I rub it into my cuticles, legs, arms. I use Active Serum followed by Active Oil for my face, and Clean Skin to cleanse and leave my skin soft - not stripped. It’s just like using an oil cleanser but in a lotion form. I use every bit of my Travel Kit on the plane – never go without it. The bath oils double as perfume - I’m always being asked what I smell of and the Enjoy Really Rich Body Lotion is also a gorgeous smell which leaves a trail of tuberose wherever you go.”

What can we look forward to from This Works in the future?
“We are working on more candles and home scent sprays. For the Skin Care range we are working on a toner and scrubs and a small box of essential skin care items in the form of a starter kit. And we are developing a new fragrance which we will use for bath oils, shower gels, soaps and so on.”

~ excerpted from Mecca Cosmetics' interview with Kathy Phillips

See my prior post on This Works Leg Oil here - it's a fab product; and to learn more from Mecca Cosmeitcs about This Works, view their online site here.

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  1. I researched over Internet about this shampoo and all its natural ingredients (its a 100% herbal shampoo) and then I decided to give a try. I have been using this shampoo for more than 2 months and I must tell you all that it has not only stopped hair loss but have actually stimulated very tiny hair growth at my balding forehead. I am so happy that I came across this wonderful product!


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