Saturday, April 24, 2010

Hey, Mama: Favorites in Eco-Gifting from Spirit Beauty Lounge

Looking for fabulous Mother's Day gifts with an eco-flair?  You don't have to look far. In fact, you can find them while relaxing in the comfort of your very own home, while wearing that soft worn-out tshirt, a baggy pair of boxer shorts, fresh-faced without a stitch of makeup and your hair pulled off your face if you want. Oh, yes you can.  Chic shopping for luxurious gifts is as easy to obtain as a few clicks of your mouse.

Spirit Beauty Lounge is my very favorite online boutique!  I could easily wishlist 20 - 30 items each time I visit and still have a hard time limiting the selection.  What I adore about this particular shopping experience is the quality of brands and products offered, all with sustainable, green, organic and eco-friendly values at the core.  Add to that fantastic live customer service and gorgeous samples included with every purchase and you just can't go wrong.  I actually get giddy shopping Spirit Beauty Lounge!

Favorite brands of top editors and beauty bloggers alike: CTonics, Alex + Ani, Patyka, Organic Apoteke (loooove this brand of skincare), Honore' des Pres, ila, Intelligent Nutrients, RMS Beauty, Suzanne auz Bains, Tsi-La and many more.

So if you're looking for something wonderful for your favorite mom or just a pick-me-up for a friend or yourself, you'll find many options to choose from at Spirit Beauty Lounge. It's a store you'll revisit over and over again and always be delightfully surprised at the joy you'll feel when your package arrives. Enjoy!


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