Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Skyn ICELAND Arctic Face Mist: A Must Have for Your Beach Tote!

Embarked on a little trip to the beach couple of weeks back and discovered the perfect beach companion for stressed skin while there - Skyn ICELAND Arctic Face Mist

Now, I've tried products from Skyn ICELAND (a former CEW winner!)  in previous years and have never been disappointed, so I had high expectations for this little gem as well.  Knowing I was headed to the beach for a girls' getaway, I slipped the new bottle of Arctic Face Mist in my bag, along with a few other essentials - SPF was there, don't worry - and off we went.

The scoop is Arctic Face Mist instantly helps calm and stabilize irritable, depleted skin (think skin exposed to the hot Florida sun in my case) with a cooling burst of natural mineral water, while fortifying it against the aging effects of free radicals and envrionmental stress.  A multivitamin complex including vitamins A, B6, C and E help energize and replenish for a healthy glow, allowing skin's natural balance to be restored and protected against future damage.

Yeast Extract and Cucumber Water to help calm irritaion and skin tone
White Willow Bark, a natural analgesic that soothes irritation and provides antibacterial protection
Biospheric Complex, a proprietary blend that delivers the unmatched purity and vital nutrients of Iceland's natural resources (water, earth and air) to restore and rebalance stressed skin; mineral rich Icelandic glacial water, indigenous Arctic berries and oxygenated liposomes, butterfly bush and thyme extracts all combine to soothe, strengthen and stabilize stressed skin
Angelica Archangelica, an Icelandic botanical and a relative of ginseng, has been proven to be highly effective in preventing infection and protecting against numerous environmental stressors

Of additional goodness, Arctic Face Mist is paraben-free, petroleum-free, sulfate-free, cruelty-free, allergy tested and 100% vegetarian.

The slim, lightweight pump mist bottle is easily tossed into a beach tote.  The fine mist is cooling to skin and has an enjoyable fresh, light cucumber-botanical scent.  This is very subtle though adds wonderfully to the sensory experience of the facial.  Skin is instantly calmed, hydrated, refreshed and treated with antioxidants and multivitamins that help energize leaving a healthy, radiant glow. 

Keep it on your desk at work, slip it into your gym bag, rest it on your nightstand for a cool refresher before bed, or toss it into your favorite beach tote as I did.  It's an instant pick-me-up for your skin and your peace of mind.  Skyn ICELAND Arctic Mist retails for $29 a 3.99 fl oz bottle and is available at Sephora, Saks and online at Skyn ICELAND.


  1. Wonderful blog, i recently come to your blog through Google excellent knowledge keep on posting you guys.

    Lot of products here what should i try

  2. it is indeed a good website...just in time when im looking for a new skin product this summer..i didnt seem to like the new one i tried...this is nice, you can start a web business from this...great job!

  3. Thanks, you guys!
    I can't recommend Skyn Iceland's Arctic Face Mist enough for this summer's must-have product. It's fantastic.


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