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Going on Now: ShopNBC Beauty Discovery Week

ShopNBC to Launch a Record 40 New Beauty Products in “Beauty Discovery Week”

Industry’s top beauty experts assemble including Frank Rizzieri, Dimitri James, and Dr. Robert Rey

Beauty Discovery Week debuted Friday, April 23 at 10pm ET and is still going on, my friends.

ShopNBC, the premium lifestyle brand in multi-media retailing, announced it will launch a record 40 new beauty products during its first-ever “Beauty Discovery Week.” The event kicked off at 10 pm ET, Friday, April 23, and concludes on Wednesday, April 28. Featured will be the most beauty shows, brands, and products ever witnessed within one week on the ShopNBC network. As part of the multi-media retailer’s “ShopNBC Anywhere” initiative, customers can interact and shop via cable and satellite TV in 76 million homes (DISH Network channels 134 and 228; and DIRECTV channel 316); mobile devices including iPhone, BlackBerry and Droid; online at; live streaming at www.ShopNBC.TV; and social networking sites Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Beauty Discovery Week launched with the show series, “Beauty Confidential,” on Friday night, which showcased the latest beauty must-haves from some of the industry’s top beauty experts. During the event, viewers were educated and entertained as Christi Harris demonstrated how to get the brows you’ve always wanted. Frank Rizzieri from Rsession Tools showed viewers how they can achieve runway-ready hairstyles in the comfort of their own home. Eric Sakas from Vapour Organic Beauty will prove that cosmetics can be both beautiful and good for the skin (ummmm ... have I mentioned I'm dying to try some of the products from Vapour - I hear they are absolute fabulosity!). Dr. Robert Rey from Sensual Solutions provided answers to younger looking skin.

The event will also include ShopNBC’s problem-solution oriented show series, “ShopBeauty.” During this program, even more beauty experts will be assembled to offer products that solve every woman’s common beauty problems, from diminishing fine lines and wrinkles to concealing skin imperfections, from easily whitening teeth to finding non-irritating products for sensitive skin, and from clearing up stubborn acne to obtaining the perfect sunless tan.

Also debuting during Beauty Discovery Week is the all-new show series on ShopNBC, “Beauty You Love”. Comprised of top-rated customer picks and favorites, the show will air Monday, April 26 at 11 am ET and Tuesday, April 27 at 2 pm ET. Beauty You Love will offer products that customers are asking for, from NeuLash to Shear Force by Allen Edwards, and from Isomers to Senna Cosmetics. In addition, ShopNBC will launch a new bath and body line brand in a self-titled show, “Fruits & Passion,” which will premiere on ShopNBC with two shows: Sunday, April 25 at 3 am and 12 pm ET.

In addition to the 40 plus new beauty products debuting on ShopNBC’s Beauty Discovery Week, featured will be a number of existing ShopNBC beauty brands, such as Skinn Cosmetics by Dimitri James.

Exciting Beauty Discovery Week item debuts include: 
  • AquaSun Sunless Tanning System - everything you need for an at home, salon-grade spray tan (C78190)
  • Gone in Sixty Seconds Duo - an anti-aging skincare product which reduces the appearance of wrinkles within 60 seconds (C78220)
  • Terralina 3-Step Skincare System - an all-natural kit containing cleanser, toner and moisturizer (C78170)
  • BoomStick Duo – two multi-purpose, all-in-one beauty products that give a dewy glow or a pop of color, from model Cindy Joseph (C75440)
  • Model Results Ageless Hand Perfecter – an anti-aging product for your hands, from hand-model, Lisa Bass (C75101)

I've tried a few pieces from Beauty Discovery Week and can tell you they've done a fantastic job of gathering an array of high quality beauty products for their shoppers. These are lesser known brands but ones you'll be hearing more about for sure. One I'm really looking forward to trying is Christi Harris. Her brow products (no tweezing or anything like that) is offering a unique "planing" approach to killer brows. You'll find organic skincare and cosmetics, anti-aging skincare - Dr. Robert Rey's Inhibitox for relaxing wrinkles is a dream cream you lightly pat into skin that gives the wrinkle minimizing appearance you hope for; bath and body products - the Gamila Secret Handrcrafted Soap is an herbal aromatherapy experience just breathing in the air from the wooden box that cradles it and the soap itself provides a luxury in bathing that will keep you wanting to never leave the bath; the best in "little known but should be" cosmetic brands - Senna, who I've certainly heard of before but never tried, makes a sweet little makeup primer that won't let you down and ensures smooth even foundation coverage and long-wearing results. It's just a smorgasboard of beauty delights at ShopNBC and anyone wanting a new venue to checkout should simply do so now, Like, right now! Come on, what are you waiting for? {he he}

“The industry’s top beauty insiders have been gathered to bring the latest innovations, beauty insight, and wow-products to women of all ages on Beauty Discovery Week,” said Donna Tarantino, Director of Beauty, Health & Fitness at ShopNBC. “It’s all about the customer at ShopNBC, and for those tuning into this event, we want to make their experience as entertaining and interactive as possible while solving their everyday beauty problems. We look forward to taking the customer experience to the next level with this new beauty event on ShopNBC.”

Be sure to enter the ShopNBC Beauty Discovery Week Box Giveaway chock full of new beauty products!

For more information on all products offered during Beauty Discovery Week, please visit

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