Thursday, April 29, 2010

Mother's Day Gifts by Clarins; Deep Discounts by Gilt

French women are known for their flawless skin, and Clarins is a big part of that. Founded in Paris in 1954, this eco-friendly company was one of the first to utilize pure plant extracts and non-animal-based ingredients. Nowadays it’s stayed ahead of the game in innovation by formulating top-notch anti-wrinkle creams, cellulite firming lotions, gentle sunscreens and more. Clarins also makes gorgeous makeup, so don’t gloss over these lipcolor trios.

Perhaps you didn’t know, but Clarins has been taking care of your skin since 1954. This historic skincare company began with a philosophy of love and respect for women’s beauty, and women around the world have returned the favor by making Clarins one of the world’s top sellers of skincare products. And while the earth’s women love Clarins, Clarins loves the earth right back – the company was one of the first to make use of pure plant extracts, non-animal-based ingredients and eco-friendly production methods. Its simple, effective products and pioneering dedication to the environment are what set this company apart from the pack. That’s beauty from the inside out.

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source: Gilt Group; sale starts 4/29/10 @ 11 am CT


  1. This is a great mothers day gift combined by skincerity

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