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Can you think of a fashion designer cum beauty mogul more committed to Earth-consciousness than Stella McCartney? I dare say, I think we'd be hard pressed to find another in this category so committed to the cause of respecting the environment.

"The natural environment around me is a huge inspiration. I try to design in harmony with that. We take the environment into account and are developing this area on a daily basis throughout the company. Not killing fellow creatures helps."

Yes, Stella has been very vocal about her stance against animal cruelty. She's also hugely pro-organic; this is true of her fragrance and skincare collection as well as fashion. Proudly participating in this year's Earth Pledge FutureFashion, Bette Franke strutted Stella's sustainable-clothing with a fabulous looking white number on the catwalk.

You may also recall she designed an all organic collection for Barney's last year (the store is famous for its eco-initiatives), and soon she will unveil the Eco-Collection in Great Britain.

Elle UK reports the collection will consist of 20-pieces made up of loose tunics, slouchy suits, knits and versatile coats - all exuding Stella's signature, laid-back look, in her favourite colour palette of muted tones, taupe, blush pink, grey and stone.

Keep in mind, Stella was a vegetarian and organic way before it became cool to be so. She's a trailblazer, a woman ahead of her time. She brings environmental awareness to the masses while cultivating her own little fashion/beauty empire in its midst - courageous and admirable. And in so doing, she has forged ahead by creating her own fragrance and skincare collection with the same eco-sensitive spirit.

"Care is an extension of our brand but it is also a responsible product. It’s for a person who wants to take responsibility and enables someone to make a first step in that direction. It’s also a natural product with sexiness to it in its packaging, smell, and texture. It’s also a very modern product in both philosophy and aesthetic."

The Care by Stella McCartney skincare range is officially Eco-Certified and has been subject to strict ethical requirements. To create an organic product as complex as a skincare range, plant extracts used in the composition must come from organic crops, where the soil has been prepared over a three-year period. The methods of cultivation are strictly regulated to ensure that the environment is protected. Even the alcohol, which is essential to protect and preserve the organic ingredients and the formula, is plant derivative.

Are you thinking - blah, boring, ineffective skincare? Think again! Just get a-load of the description for CARE's star product:

CARE'S 5 Benefits Moisturizing Fluid - a refreshingly light lotion containing an optimum concentration of five potent organic extracts to provide ultimate hydration, protection, butrition, radiance and firmness - grapeseed oil, white mallow extract to improve skin's moisture; linseed oil and Musk Rose oil provide nourishing properties; green tea extract and soybean both rich in vitamin E help protect skin from exposure to environment; sweet orange extract, rich in vitamin C, leaves skin firm, fresh and radiant.

Well, that's just one of CARE'S offerings. In addition to lending her philosophy, thoughts, and products, Stella also gives visitors to her skincare website a running tickler of various eco tips - news style.

More on Stella McCartney: click here
For information or to purchase her skincare: Care by Stella, Sephora, Nordstrom

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