Thursday, April 24, 2008

PERFUMERY: Strange Invisible is GREEN

Did you know cult favorite parfumeurs, Strange Invisible Perfumes, is eco-friendly?

Botanical perfumer Alexandra Balahoutis' collection of ready-to-wear fragrances is as green as it gets, thanks to fair-trade, sustainably grown, and wildcrafted (i.e., made by hand and in small batches) ingredients blended in an organic, beverage-grade grape alcohol base. What's more, all the eaus, like the chameleonlike floral L'Invisible, are packaged in carbon-neutral cartons containing post-consumer recycled fiber and printed with water-soluble inks.

L'Invisible notes: oak moss, a bouquet of resins, ylang ylang, blood orange. Coursing through the heart of this perfume is a redolent fusion of hibiscus and vanilla that coils through dimly lit veils of Moroccan Red Rose and Sicilian Lemon.

Reported earlier yet still newsworthy, you may be fascinated to know they've expanded their offerings from pure parfum to include eau de parfums, body washes and body lotions. On the scent menu for the latter two: Egyptian Rose, Lavender Vetiver, Sicilian Lemon and Wild Orange - all handcrafted from premium botanicals & organic fair-trade ingredients; no synthetic preservatives, genetically modified ingredients, parabens, pretroleum, coal tar or industrial phthalates; no animal testing.

If you have a moment, I'd really encourage you to check out the Strange Invisible Perfume website, and turn on your audio, it's a lovely, imaginative sensory experience.

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