Thursday, April 3, 2008

REVIEW: Colorescience Wild to Mild Skin Bronzer

Let me introduce to you a wonderful, good for your skin item that will leave your face feeling soothed, looking even-colored and has the added effect of protecting from the sun - Colorescience's Wild to Mild Skin Bronzer.

Ingredients include: zinc, titanium oxide (mineral sun protection, SPF 12-19), organo silicones (allows actives to work but non-pore clogging) which smoothes lines and soothes skin, patented rice peptides (reduces breakdown of collagen and soothes burned skin too), oats (to reduce redness), grapefruit, green tea, tea tree, lavender & tangerine extracts, nourishing blue-algae extract, beta-carotene, vitamin E and hydrating glycerine.

This product can be used as a primer to add a slight bronzing effect before applying foundation, alone as a skin evener (without foundation), or may be even applied over foundation to add a smoothing effect and pick-me-up during the day. It has an almost powdery-cream consistency (if that makes any sense); thicker than regular primer gels and such, but blends ever so effortlessly into the skin.

Now, this product is NOT going to give you the same effect as a self-tanner; the bronzing is very subtle. I actually think that's a plus because as a fair-skinned girl, I can wear this easily under foundation (even fair foundations) or alone without fear of mis-matching my skin shade. You really can't go wrong with it.

Secondly, it seems a bit pricey at $45 for a bottle, but each bottle contains approximately 99 squirts (one squirt will cover your entire face), so it lasts a while.

You already know I'm in love with its sister product - Colorescience Line Tamer Skin Brightener, which is not only an excellent primer, but a fabulous brightener with it's soft yellow undertones (evening out skin tone as well) and moisturizing ingredients. This item is my HG primer and listed as a For the Love of Beauty Top Favorite for 2007.

I can honestly recommend both the Colorescience Line Tamer Skin Brightener AND the Wild to Mild Skin Bronzer to you very highly and without hesitation. I've been a fan for several years and looking forward to trying more from this brand.

Smoothing, Soothing Skin Bronzer - Wild to Mildmore info or to purchase: colorescience, beautybridge, skincarerx, dermstore, skin1 and other retailers.

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  1. this stuff is amazing! im fair skinned as well. it is absolutely awesome alone or under foundation. im hooked for life!


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