Monday, April 7, 2008

REVIEW: Karin Herzog Oxygen Skincare

Oxygen Face

Allow me to introduce you to a wonderful product that you'll want to have as a staple in your skincare regimen. Karin Herzog's Oxygen Face Face Cream is a winner if you're looking for something that actually works to accomplish what it claims.

A little background about the company: All the Karin Herzog skincare products are based on the research of Karin's husband Dr. Paul Herzog, Doctor Honoris Causa of the Nobel Institute, inventor of the artificial respiration system used throughout the world. Dr. Herzog was the first scientist to successfully stabilize active oxygen, a source of pure energy, in a medical grade emulsion and to patent this invention internationally. Oxygen is a vital element required by the skin, and oxygen deficiency accelerates the aging process. Karin Herzog oxygen skincare boosts the natural levels of oxygen in our skin so it can function properly, increase the rate of cell renewal, absorb essential nutrients, be more effective at eliminating toxins and enhance its appearance. These products were sold only to dermatologists at one time, but are now available to the general public.

I had the privilege of trying some of this line, and in particular the Oxygen Face Cream and the Chocolate! Moisturizer.

Here's what I found:

Oxygen Face
This light cream contains 2% oxygen to eliminate toxins, control oil production and kill bacteria for a fresh, pure complexion. It's a bit different that other facial creams in application. You apply a thin layer to the face but do not massage it in, allow it to sit atop the facial skin. It will absorb into the skin and do its magic.

After just a week of use (once nightly), I can honestly say my skin is:
  • significantly brightened
  • more even toned, less ruddiness
  • forehead lines and fine lines around my eyes are reduced in appearance
  • fresh looking, it actually has the appearance of a healthy glow from within

I am so impressed by this cream that I will make it part of my weekly skincare routine for sure. I do have to admit to loving my moisturizer and other treatment products too much to completely give them up, but this little gem is a must-have with these kind of results!

Chocolate Moisturizer

Chocolate! is a delightful moisturizer that contains wheat germ oil, avocado oil, and organge oil with a delicious aroma of Swiss chocolate. I was a little apprehensive about trying this the first time as I expected the chocolate-y smell to be one of those fake smelling, scratch-n-sniff type chocolates, but this is very nice and satisfies the desire for it just with the aroma. It definitely hydrated my skin, but aside from the lovely chocolate smell, there isn't really anything that blew me away about this product (in such a way that I'd say I MUST have it).

You can find both of these products at many online skincare stores as well as direct from Karin Herzog for $36 a tube (1.7 oz) each. I'd definitely encourage anyone wanting noticeable, fresher, healthier looking skin to give the Oxygen Face a try. It yields results of a much pricier cream, all skin types can use it effectively, and it can be easily incorporated into your skincare regime.

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  1. Their products might be good, but the Karin Herzog company you are talking about has the worst customer service I ever tried. After placing an order online in september 2011, I’m still waiting 2 months after to receive my package ! No one ever answer my emails nor return my phone calls. Which is pretty bad when you actually spent GBP 149.17… For me it’s a scam, so honestly, don’t even try !!


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