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REVIEW: INGREDIENTS - Scruba, Scruba, Scruba

Melissa Carey, creator of Carey & Co., has combined her twenty plus years of experience as a professional, commercial make-up artist-turned-corporate cosmetic/skin care marketing executive, to develop what she says is a one-of-a-kind, natural, highly exfoliating, ultra-moisturizing, additive-free scrub formulation. It is mmm mmmm good! Not only are the scents to die for, but they do yield a surprising amount of hydration to the skin. Is this really a scrub? Yes, it is!

In fact, these scrubs are so moisturizing, they are 3-in-1 products - you do NOT need a separate cleanser or a moisturizer. We're always looking to save a step, aren't we ... you not only feel the hydration in your skin, you see it. There's a visible glow that remains after using the scrub, rinsing with water and lightly patting your face dry.

Per Carey & Co., INGREDIENTS Ultra-Moisturizing Scrubs are loaded with100% natural, safe, effective elements such as essential oils, fine spices and herbs with coarse salts, which instantly remove old skin layers while providing a protective moisture sheen that can last for days. As we've been told by beauty gurus in-the-know (click here), it's the healthy glow of skin that gives us a young looking face. Available in Citrus Spice, Lavender-Mint and Patchouli-Pine, they retail for $40 (19 oz jar - that's huge by the way), and $6 (2.5 oz travel size).

These scrubs are absolutely scrumptious. I tried the Citrus Spice. It loads the olfactory sense with the smell of cookies freshly baking in your grandmother's oven, not at all citrusy. You can see the little specks of clove, spices and herbs in the salt mixture. The scrubs may be used for face and body and they are very gentle on the skin. I will caution those who don't like the feel of oil in their skincare products, this does leave a bit of a residue behind. However, the feel is really fresh and hydrated and not oily. If you have dry skin, this is an answer to prayers.

You can learn more about Melissa Carey and Ingredients Ultra-Moisturizing Scrubs be visitng her website. Ordering is available online and at limited high-end retailers (Henri Bendel, Melange Spa, C.O. Bigelow & Co.).

UPDATE: (June 2008) I've had a number of emails questioning the use of the term "natural" for these scrubs due to the petrochemical nature of some of its elements. I appreciate these comments and this feedback immensely and feel it's important that we continue to discuss exactly these kinds of concerns. After receiving your questions and concerns, I posed the question to Melissa Carey and her response is noted in the comments section to the post. Please don't hesitate to keep providing feedback and comments to all the content featured on For the Love of Beauty. It is important to me - each one! xo


  1. Mineral Oil, White Petrolatum!!!???

    Last time I checked neither were natural or a renewable resource.


  2. Anon,

    I'm checking with the company on this and will update the post accordingly ... thanks for bringing this to awareness.

    ~ Roxy

  3. Hi Roxy, I too tried one of their scrubs recently and REALLY liked it, until, wow, I read the ingredients. Totally disappointed in how they are misleading the average consumer on what the company is all about vs what their scrubs are actually comprised of. I won't be writing about it but this is why we do what we do, right? :)

  4. You know, Cybele, I still have the same concerns. Let me share with you what the copmany had to say on the matter when I questioned this:

    Spokesperson: "I spoke with Melissa Carey today regarding your question about mineral oil and white petrolatum. Both products are natural geological by-products. When rigs drill for oil and gas, they come upon several liquid layers of naturally occurring substances including mineral oil, and then petrolatum. These are run over rocks and water to filter any dirt out, and then used commercially. In fact, if these byproducts were dumped, they would hurt the environment, so finding a secondary use for them is good for the planet.

    Both mineral oil and petrolatum are recognized as some of the best, natural moisture sealants known to man. They lock water onto the skin, and are not absorbed into the body, which moisturizes more effectively.

    According to Melissa, some time ago "a well known beauty company" [name taken out by For the Love of Beauty as not firsthand info] ran a campaign knocking mineral oil and petrolatum, but she viewed that campaign as ill conceived and has done extensive personal research on this. She'd be more than happy to discuss it with you for further clarification."

    I'd encourage you to perhaps share your concerns with Melissa. She may be contacted thru her website.

    Thanks so much for you comments! These are exactly what I like to see ... I really appreciate your feedback on this! xo

  5. Mineral oil and white petrolatum are naturally occurring substances by products of the petroleum industry. A non renewable resource!

    It is a cheap way out for companies to include a "moisturizer" in their product. Neither mineral oil and white petrolatum are absorbed by the skin, they create occlusive barrier on the skin which prevents the skin from taking in oxygen and respiring out waste. Mineral oil and white petrolatum are highly comedogenic (acne producing).

    Liquidum Paraffinum Liquidum Paraffinum is an exotic sounding way to say mineral oil (!!)
    MEA compounds See Nitrosating agents
    Methylisothiazolinone and Methylchloroisothiazolinone Both cause cosmetic allergies

    Mineral Oil
    Petroleum by-product that coats the skin like plastic, clogging the pores. Interferes with skin's ability to eliminate toxins, promoting acne and other disorders. Slows down skin function and cell development, resulting in premature aging. Used in many products (baby oil is 100% mineral oil!) Any mineral oil derivative can be contaminated with cancer causing PAH's (Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons). Manufacturers use petrolatum because it is unbelievably cheap. Breast cancer and impurities.
    Ingredient labels and data on cancer-causing chemicals identified three common impurities in personal care products that are linked to mammary tumors in animal studies — ethylene oxide, PAHs, and 1,3-butadiene. Since September 2004 the EU has banned the use of petroleum jelly due to the carcinogenic contamination found in products containing petrolatum. The ingredients for which these impurities are of concern are used in one of every four personal care products on the market.
    bullet Liquidum paraffinum (also known as posh mineral oil!)
    bullet Paraffin oil
    bullet Paraffin wax
    bullet Petrolatum

    Mineral oil and white petrolatum interfere with the body's own natural moisturizing mechanism, leading to dry skin and chapping. A product that contains these ingredients create the very conditions it claims to alleviate. Manufacturers use petrolatum because it is unbelievably cheap.

    The "reasoning" that INGREDIENTS Ultra-Moisturizing Scrubs gave you for including such ingredients just don't wash. The are excuses, to use ingredients that are poor and have little or no redeeming qualities.

    Did I mention,
    Manufacturers use petrolatum because it is unbelievably cheap.

  6. Seems someone dreamt up a cheap cosmetics line while hitting the bong one night. Anyone with any chemical knowledge knows you use glycerin not cheap assed mineral oil. That's also a major danger for falling in the shower and hitting your head which seems like it happened to whomever came up with this cockamamie product. It didn't win any awards like the site says and it never sold at the outlets mentioned, like Henri Bendel. A bad product maker and a liar, to boot.

  7. Yep ... again, have been very disappointed by the use of the "natural" ingredients marketing here. Since learning more about natural, organic and what folks can include while using those descritors, I'm much more inquisitive about choosing the products I buy for the sake of wanting organic!

    Thanks so much for your input! xo



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