Saturday, April 12, 2008

LUSH: Get it Greener

Good for you, good for the environment; I like a win-win situation.

There's just nothing like the pampering you get from a little LUSH. Whether it's a divine bath bomb, a bubble bar, a nutrient enriched facial mask, or freshly made haircare, LUSH has an item for you.

These are treats for your senses, for your skin, and not bad for Earth considering the care LUSH takes to load up their products with eco-friendly ingredients and essential oils. They also make their products the eco-friendly way, including the use of organic fruits and vegetables.

Geo Phyzz Bath Bombs

Geo Phyzz

Although normally I'd have no problems recommending a LUSH product, this one fails to deliver and is just so, so overpriced. At $7.15 USD for a single use bomb, albeit full of sea salts and red Hawaiian salts, (with the fragrance of pine - why for goodness sake?), this one should not only load your bath water with good stuff, it should render some sort of spa feel (as it promotes)- and it just doesn't.

Avobath Bath Bombs


Now, on the other hand, what I can recommend to you, and highly, is this little gem of goodness in a round orb. Fresh, clean scented with wonderful avocado and oils of lemongrass, bergamot and rosewood, this not only renders your sense of smell happy and satisfied, but it is a "lush" hydrating experience for your skin ... you'll immerse from your bath feeling refreshed, moisturized and downright cheery! That's not bad for $5.80 USD.

Seanik Solid Shampoos


LUSH recently updated the formulations for numerous solid shampoos so that they are now made without sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS). They've replaced SLS with sodium coco-sulfate, a natural alternative derived from pure coconut oil. Sodium coco-sulfate is less irritating than SLS because it removes less moisture from the top layers of skin. For people with sensitive skin (prone to dermatitis, acne, eczema, psoriasis, and chemical sensitivity), the drying property of SLS may cause flare-ups of skin conditions or may worsen existing conditions. Sodium coco-sulfate also leaves hair and skin wonderfully soft and conditioned. They extended their SLS-free range to include:

NOW PLAYING: LUSH is putting on a contest so they so can give your worthy green causes lots of exposure and loads of cash!

Take a look at what LUSH has to offer you and bathe yourself in goodness!

source: lush

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