Saturday, April 19, 2008

LOVELULA: The Organic Apothecary

The Organic Fairy made me do it!

Ok, well maybe not the Organic Fairy, but I AM a huge fan of So what more appropriate time to share the love for this company and its creator than during Earth Month ... here's what Lula has to say about the passion she has for her company:

I’ve been in a love affair with nature all my life. As a child I’d make magic potions with berries & petals, as a teenager I began photographing wild flowers and herbs and as an adult I went on to study naturopathy and the healing power of nature.

Lula x
Love Lula brings together a hand picked collection of some of the world’s finest and purest natural beauty & organic products, including skincare, bath products, makeup, haircare and baby care, made by experts equally passionate about natural and organic ingredients. We’ve chosen products not only for their quality but also their effectiveness and beauty.

I believe passionately that an holistic approach to beauty using naturally derived ingredients is the best care you can give your skin to help it look and be its best. Enjoy!...

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organic and mineral cosmetics for spring

. . . and more

Our Products

Now this is a UK company, but we're able to buy here in the states and can easily convert from pounds to USD (and/or other international currency) via a simple drop down menu near the top of the site.

LoveLula looks for natural products that really are that; beauty products that embrace the spirit of organic and natural living rather than simply play lip service to it.

This means that you won't find any products in their organic apothecary that contain parabens, artificial colours or fragrance, sodium lauryl sulphate or propylene glycol.

They only stock products made by companies that do not test products or ingredients on animals, nor pay third parties to do animal testing for them.

This site holds a plethora of information for your benefit. I'm telling you, it's like a library for organic products, beauty solutions, anti-aging guides, online consultation for skincare and other beauty woes, and what's more - she even hosts her own blog. It's an incredible treasure trove for those searching out organic beauty and skincare. She even offers trial sizes for purchase and free samples with minimal purchase.

You simply have to check out Love Lula! Enjoy ...

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