Friday, April 11, 2008

My Sephora: Kid in a Candy Store

Actually -- it was EVEN better than being in a candy store (if that's possible). As reported the other day, Louisiana has been graced with a Sephora store of their very own. Ladies, you need to understand something here, we NEVER get these kinds of stores, so this is exciting news indeed. If we want to shop; I mean really shop; we need to travel.

I was a little disappointed that the store didn't have in stock some of this season's newer products and collections yet, but I'm not gonna complain much. My visit took place on what one would suppose would be a low-key Thursday night (not big shopping here in these parts on a work/school night), but Sephora was packed! Even so, the aisles were sufficiently spaced to be able to maneuver around people. Also impressive (and appreciated) was that although there seemed to be a salesperson for every three customers in the store (I mean, they were everywhere you turned), there was no pressure to buy, no bugging you with endless sales pitches or information on products; they just let you browse and enjoy the experience - good going, Sephora! As each approached me, I'd respond with a, "I'm hear to play", and they'd leave me to it with a smile on their faces. One girl even remarked, "Haven't I seen you here before, like an hour ago in fragrances?". Yep, that's me - I was there for almost three hours ... for me it was an event rather than a shopping experience and I loved every second of it.

I'm sharing some photos with you, here to left are the Jean Paul Gaultier fragrances in their signature bottles - love 'em.

My favorite fragrance of the night, and - Fresh's Cannabis Rose ... so nice (review in upcoming days).

Among some of the other fragrance highlights of the night: Dolce & Gabbana The One, Fresh Sake, Clean - The Ultimate (hated the original Clean, much to my surprise), Pucci Vivari, and a huge new love - Gucci EDP.

Those I didn't like: Michael Kors Island Capri, Clean (their signature scent), LaVanila Vanilla Coconut - all of them, way too sweet for my taste.

Some makeup love:

NARS single and duo shadows galore ... you really just can't get an appreciation of these unless you're up close and personal; I tried to swatch some for you but my little mobile phone camera just wasn't sensitive enough to do any of them justice.

MUFE Flash Color (left)

New Smashbox palette (below)

As I said - kid in a candy store ... mmm mmm
Well, my Sephora experience was fab, and had payday been yesterday instead of today I would have bought out the store ... (thank goodness for small favors - I guess)



    These people in LA and NY don't realize that this REALLY is huge for us. We have to go all over the damn world just to get what we want, so the fact that Sephora is even IN our state is fabulous. I may make me mum drive out there with me - so she can play with perfumes, and so I can FINALLY get Smashbox's Jet Set Liner.

    I think I'll end up talking about this on my own blog! This is just too phenom.

  2. Oh it's so worth the trip! You and your mum will have such a wonderful time "playing" ... and it's funny the things you think you're gonna like that you won't like at all and those things you think, "mmm, probably not" are just gorgeous in person! I'd forgotten how fabulous Stila shadows were until I saw them again ... yum! It makes a difference when you can actually TRY the stuff ... well, I don't have to tell you that, you know exactly what I mean living in LA and not having access to these treasures firsthand. Hope you make that trip and ENJOY ... xo

  3. OY, I know. All I have that I truly like at Pretty Cosmetics is Cargo and Urban Decay! I remember how much I drooled just to have the chance to actually see some damn Cargo. Even my mum was like, "Baton Rouge? Well that fuckin sucks! A 3 hour trip!"

    Maybe we'll just let dad drive. Heh heh heh.



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