Sunday, April 13, 2008

MAC: Cool Heat Collection

Just a little note about the upcoming MAC Cool Heat Collection set to launch in the US June 2008. I'll post more information as it becomes available, but for now you can get your drool ready for these items:
(click image to enlarge)

  • Daisy (WN) (LE)
  • By Degrees (LE)
  • Gentle Summer (PERM)
  • High 90s (LE)
  • Swelter (LE)

Eye Shadows:
  • White Wheat (WN)(LE)
  • Malt Stop (WN)(LE)
  • Warm Chill (LE)
  • Gulf Stream (LE)
  • Cool Heat (LE)
  • Climate Blue (LE)
  • Blue Flame (LE)

Perfumes (Creations):
  • Turquatic (REPROMOTE)
  • Turquatic Heat (LE)

source: Spektra


Please let us know your thoughts. xo

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