Monday, April 7, 2008

Emotional Rescue: Jo Wood Organics

Jo Wood Organic Beauty Products
Jo and daughter Leah

Have you heard of this fabulous little company?

Surely you know the name, or that of her Rolling Stones husband Ron Wood. Do you know the story behind Jo Woods Organics, brand and products? Let's give a little peek in, shall we ...

Combining glamour, rock-n-roll and a healthy organic lifestyle wasn't easy, but for ex-model Jo Wood it was a choice 18 years ago that was to define her as a pioneer and committed supporter of all things natural and organic. The impetus? Jo fell ill in 1989 and switched to an all-organic diet to improve her health; and it did - dramatically. Her interest grew and today Jo has two organic gardens and everything in the Wood household is organic. Synthetic skincare products and fragrances in the household? Heck no!! So Jo opted to mix her own organic oils and skincare products, which led to the launch of her own brand in 2005. Woohoo ....

I'm absolutely enraptured by her fragrances. Just knowing the wholesomeness and quality behind her products entices me to love them more, let alone the sensuous aromas. Her inspiration, it turns out, is quite enchanting ... Africa. Jo's mother is South African and can trace ancestors to the Zulu's. The fragrances have been given Swahili and Xhosa names - Amka, Usiku, Tula and Langa. Her aim is to create something organic that's also exquisitely beautiful - she's succeeded!

Jo Wood Organics includes an everyday line of bath and body products: body cream, body mousse, salt scrub; and a line of fragrance and oils: bath oils, body lotions, body oils, soaps, EDT's, candles and gift sets. She's also put out a book: Naturally - How to Look and Feel Healthy, Energetic & Radiant the Organic Way.

I'd like to tell you about the fragrances in her EDT's/Body Dews/Bath Oils. These are divinely inspirational and one feels almost transported upon experiencing these sensual aromas.

AMKA - to wake

a romantic heart of Iranian rose otto, Egyptian jasmine and bright fresh top notes of neroli and bergamot, Amka is a fragrance of energy and spontaneity. Green mandarin and sweet orange add a fresh, vibrant layer, and the whole combination is founded in a soft, spicy base of cedarwood.

USIKU - night

warm and sensual fragrance with a fresh, vibrant edge, Usiku combines top notes of rosemary and pineneedle with a spicy hit of cardamom and hot ginger. A complex heart of coriander, clove and clary sage give way to the aromatic woody aromas of Moroccan cedarwood, patchouli and vetiver. Earthy and sophisticated, this is a scent for men and women alike.

The packaging is gorgeous, evoking a lively spirit, which one envisions Jo Wood is. You can find Jo Wood products stateside at Neiman Marcus, from $24 - $125; a few products may also be obtained thru Bergdorf Goodman, Kitson, and Bigelow Chemists.

To learn more about Jo - her family, initiatives, love of organics, programs and more, click here.

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