Thursday, February 5, 2009

Abercrombie & Fitch Welcomes an Australian Cousin

American brand Abercrombie & Fitch welcomes its 'cheeky' Australian cousin and underwear retailer, Gilly Hicks - Sydney (ahem - pun fully intended, cheeky). So, an australian cousin in concept is what makes Gilly Hicks a bit different than the rest. Aside from a library of bra and underwear offerings, Gilly Hicks also features their own body skincare products and fragrances. And, if there's any question about sex in advertising being alive and well, oh yes it is. One click onto the Gilly Hicks homepage offers you just that peek. Keep in mind, A & F and Hollister both cater to the teenaged crowd. This store is no different.

Competition? Perhaps, with the likes of Aerie and Victoria's Secret, but this concept store will be a force for sure! Here's a little more on the fragrance collection (reminds me of Banana Republic's fragrance packaging a bit).

Tamarama - Vanilla Bean

La Perouse - Desert Pea Flower

Kirrawee - Pink Peony

Castlereagh - Waterlily

Kissing Point - Mandarin Blossom

Fragrances retail between $44 - $54 (1.7 fl oz - 2.5 fl oz respectively). More information on the garments, skincare and fragrances may be gained by visiting the Gilly Hicks website. Stores opened and opening nationwide.

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