Sunday, February 22, 2009

MAC for Ashish-Ashish London FW Fall 2009

Ashish-Ashish isn't getting much coverage so far, however there are certainly things to say here. Perhaps 'circus freaks gone glam' would be one appropriate descriptor. Sources say the look they're going for is 'divine decadence of Moulin Rouge and Cabaret embedded in Pop Culture'. Ok, so perhaps their description is a bit more yummy. Just couldn't help giving you a little taste of the creative artistry by MAC in beauty for this collection. There's lots going on and much more to see than I'm presenting here - truly fantastic!

Makeup Design by MU Artist Sharon Dowsett using MAC products: MAC Strobe Cream, colorful pigments and Mixing Medium.

MAC Makeup Artist Martina Luisetti worked the magic creating Aerialist's eye (lash pic) as well as the dark orange lip. Other MAC artists helped to create the looks designed by Sharon Dowsett for the collection. I'm really liking the liner and lashes for the eyes here. Different yet very flattering.

The post wouldn't be complete without giving you some photos of the actual fashions. Colorful animal-skinned patterns in leggings/tights with an anything goes schemata of color, pattern and texture everywhere else- additional themes.

source:, MAC artists


  1. To be honest not feeling those lips like that.


  2. But it's fun, whimsical ... on them! ... lol


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