Friday, February 13, 2009

McCord-VanKempen Parenting Advice: Are You Kidding?

Laughter really is just so therapeutic. I just had a 'funny' come across my desk. Let me preface this by saying I mean no disrespect, though I fear it may come across otherwise. I just can't pass up a brief comment.

Alex McCord of the hit reality series The Real Housewives of New York City running on Bravo TV is being promoted by a PR firm (I respect this firm so I'm purposely not naming them) with offers to share Alex's "motherhood tips"; further, she is being touted as an "expert". I think the headline of the piece reads, "Talk to the Experts". Apparently Alex is touting a book she's writing about urban parenting slated for publishing sometime in late 2009.

Ok, people, have you seen the show? Have you witnessed Alex and Simon trying unsuccessfully to reign in their little darlings? It's not easy to watch. It leaves me wanting to just reach out to them. Whether in public, at home, in interview situations, what have you, one thing is clear - the kids run the show. I don't know, perhaps I am missing something, but for the life of me I cannot understand why anyone would seek parenting tips, of all things, from the sweet but observably ineffective Alex McCord. Come on, really?

It was good for a chuckle, though.


  1. Yeah, I'm with you! What exactly qualifies her as an expert? There are millions of mothers that don't go along doing the same...

    Thanks for the VDay card! That was soooo sweet of you <3

  2. Well, I love you, Lea! xo

    I watched the show over the weekend and the episode with the formal dinner where they bring their kids all dressed up was on. Francois just kept poking at Bethenny's boyfriend's $30 burger with this plastic kangaroo ... it was like little psycho playing out... sooooo annoying. Neither parent lit in to have him stop. ugggggh!

  3. Don't they understand that EVERY parent could write a book of their personal parenting tips and cute stories about their kids! But they DON'T because no one is interested, except the grandparents! They are just so wildly self centered and shallow that they think their parenting skills are somehow extraordinary. Their "book" should be a blog, nothing more than that. Who would buy it? Well, I would get it from the library for a laugh.


Please let us know your thoughts. xo

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