Tuesday, February 17, 2009

REVIEW: Tarte ReCreate Anti-Aging Foundation

Tarte's ReCreate Anti-Aging Foundation with Wrinkle Rewind™ and SPF15 promises to decrease facial fine line and wrinkles and increase moisture levels as a natural foundation with clinically proven anti-aging results. It does!

Every time I try something new from Tarte I'm reminded of why I adore this brand so much. They truly are committed not only to quality products, but good-for-you ingredients and technology. That means something to me. I want that!

The first of its kind, ReCreate™ is a natural, anti-aging foundation powered by Wrinkle Rewind™ technology; a proprietary complex which helps decrease the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while increasing skin’s overall moisture. Micronized minerals immediately brighten the skin while providing SPF 15 UVA/ UVB Broad Spectrum protection.

Clinical Results:

  • Significant increase in skin elasticity, firmness and resiliency an average of 22% after two weeks of use and 43% after four weeks of use.
  • Significant reduction in the appearance of fine lines and facial wrinkles an average of 39% after four weeks of use and 67% after six weeks of use.
  • Increases skin’s overall moisture by 52.82% within 15 minutes of application.

What you won't find in this foundation:
  • Parabens
  • Petro-Chemicals
  • Phthalates
  • Sulfates
  • Dyes
  • Talcs
  • Fragrances

REVEW: This is a foundation light and airy in texture, almost like mousse or a whipped consistency that is easily dispensed from the bottle through the pump dispenser. I've been using the product for a couple of weeks now and have had no problems with dispensing as we sometimes find with other bottles over time. The foundation itself is generously pigmented with minerals and blends effortlessly into skin. The coverage is what I'd call medium, covering problem areas and redness very nicely. The skincare and sun protection benefits of this foundation make it extra special. Skin is hydrated and lines appear less noticeable. It's also long-wearing. I have combination skin type; I have only to apply the foundation once in the morning for all-day coverage. It emhances your natural complexion without appearing overly dewey or matte, just healthy and luminous. I applied a little primer (no moisturizer) and set the look with a light translucent mineral powder and was set to go all day, no dryness, not wearing off, fully sun-protected. Nice!

The foundation comes if 12 shades ranging from porcelain to a rich, dark chestnut and retails for $37 per bottle. Tarte ReCreate Anti-Aging Foundation is available online at Tarte, Sephora and Beauty.com.

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  1. sounds good. i would go for it if i wasn't hooked on a juvederm filler


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