Monday, February 9, 2009

Satiny Smooth Hair and Bright Eyes at Donna Karan Spring 2009

There’s absolutely no product in the hair whatsoever,” says Eugene Souleiman, who created the super-shiny coifs for Donna Karan’s Spring 2009 show. The lack of product made strands as light and airy as Karan’s collection, but it also made for more maintenance: “It looks very natural,” says Souleiman, “but it’s not that easy to pull off.”

So how does one go about pulling off the sleek strands that shone on Karan’s runway?
“We added warm water to the girls’ hair, blew it out, and used huge curling irons to add movement,” Souleiman says. After pinning curls and letting them set, he brushed them out for a prettily polished finish. “It’s very sexy and very seamless,” says the tress master. “There’s a lot of satin in the collection and we just wanted the hair to have the same richness and quality.”

The makeup here is fresh and simple with concentration on the eyes. Apply a peachy-coral, beige shadow in the crease of eyes. Dab light coverage concealer under eye and to camouflage any problem areas. Face is set with a skin matching foundation and set with fresh loose powder. Add a luminous cream shadow to base of lid and inner corners. I recommend using one of the whiter based NARS Cream Shadows for this look; they're gorgeous and stay put. Consider a shade like NARS Klondike, which has a little tiny bit of blue-green in the tint - helps whiten eyes, or Cosmic Girl, which has a pale golden shimmer to it. No need for liner, just finish with a bit of drama by applying 2 - 3 coats of voluminous black mascara. Of course, you can add a few falsies in there if you're so inclined for more pop. A swipe of beige-apricot blush warms the cheeks. Consider NARS Blush in Luster or Madly. Finish the look by dabbing your favorite untinted lip balm to nude-lined lips and brush a nude-brownish-beige gloss or lacquer on top for pizzazz. For a lacquer, consider NARS Butterfield 8 for a chocolate, pinkish-brown or if you'd prefer a touch of shimmer, try Cabiria, which offers a wee bit a golden shimmer to its honey color base. Both would be fantastic with this look!


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  1. I adore your backstage/runway posts — I like to see the fashion, but I'm most interested in the makeup. I *love* this Donna Karan look. Thank you so much for the great close-ups!


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