Wednesday, February 11, 2009

REVIEW: Parfum d'Empire Cuir Ottoman

Sensual, exotic and sultry!

Created by artisanal perfumer Marc-Antoine Corticchiato, Cuir Ottoman, is inspired by the erotism and the mystery of the East, their Ottoman hammams, and is a leather perfume of extraordinary delight, forceful, elegant and extremely sensual. The powerful impact of the leather is softened by a bright and sweet orris note and ornamented beautifully by jasmine, herbs and incense. The scent, which is slightly animalic (only slightly though), resinous and warm, does evoke the Ottoman splendor and sensuality. Mysterious, alluring, soft yet full of character, Cuir Ottoman is sweetly smouldering and decidely smooth.

Cuir Ottoman may be worn by both men and women. After getting out a warm shower last night and stepping into a cold room, I decided it was the perfect scent to warm me up. Indeed it was. Cystus, vanilla and tonka bean add sweetness to the fragrance while incense intoxicates, albeit subtly, with an element of smokiness. It's a gorgeous fragrance, soothing to the soul yet exciting in its breadth.

Cuir Ottoman Notes:
jasmine, leather, iris, benzoin, balsams, resins, incense

Cuir Ottoman by Parfum d'Empire is available in bottles of 50 ml ($75) and 100 ml ($110 - $125, depending where bought) and may be purchased at Luckyscent and Beautyhabit. It's among one of the top leather scents sold at both stores.


  1. The Arts and Entertainment Singapore has to offer to tourists is quite aplenty. Don't understand why others always put singapore down. Interesting post nonetheless. Keep them coming...

  2. Hi Wincent,

    I'm sorry, are you under the impression there is something in my post that puts down Singapore or was this just some way to link in a site you like? : )


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