Monday, April 13, 2009

The All Nighter Styling Powder - Reprised ...

A few days back I told you about a wonderfully unique and creative product being brought to us by A Beautiful Life. The All Nighter Styling Powder fills a gap for those of us wanting a little edge up on the popular dry hair powder in wanting natural ingredients in our product. The kicker here is that it contains a proprietary blend of pure, plant based ingredients, cosmetic grade minerals and silk powder and essence of tangerine.

The All Nighter is completely paraben, talc, aluminum and silica FREE!

Renowned hair guru Ted Gibson even had something to say about it...

Now don't throw tomatoes (or tomahtoes ... ), but I made a boo boo on the exclusive offer for my readers. I gave you the code in all caps, where only the first letter should have been. So, if you tried to take advantage of scooping up on one of these at a discount and were left unfulfilled at checkout, this does have a happy ending. The wonderful and fabulous Tony Artur, A Beautiful Life owner, is extending the offer for our readers - yea!!

Order The All Nighter from A Beautiful Life before April 30th, and receive 10% off your order by entering code: Roxy at checkout. Even better, if your order reaches $50 or more, you'll also receive free standard shipping within the USA. It's in stock now, so they'll ship it right out to you; no need to wait on a pre-order any longer.

For 10% off The All Nighter, click link and enter code: Roxy at checkout before 4/30/09.

The first batch of this sold out, flying out the door like gangbusters. They've restocked with you in mind. For more information, please visit A Beautiful Life. Be sure to let us know what you think and your experience when you've tried it!

And again -- I'm not receiving commission off this, it's a special code all for you! xo

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  1. Ohhh good. This looks very interesting - have wanted to try something like this. Thanks for the info.


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