Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Chocolate Sun Organic Sunless Tanning & Sunscreen

All my organic, green-loving guys and gals, this is for you. Get your glow on as Chocolate Sun has arrived!

New from Spirit Beauty Lounge, Chocolate Sun is a 100% natural organic sunless tanning and sunscreen line. Using DHA derived from sugar beets, Chocolate Sun is an organic, chemical-free sunless tanning solution that also includes antioxidant vitamins, minerals and essential oils to condition the skin, as well as an SPF to protect it. Choose from their tanning creams, facial sunless tanners, glow enhancers and moisturizing sunscreens - all good for your skin!

Their recipes are formulated using the highest concentration of organically grown and wild crafted botanicals and herbs, chosen for their powerful antioxidant properties. The high concentration of the active ingredients in Chocolate Sun products are what make the products so unique, beneficial and nurturing for your skin. Chocolate Sun is free of all known allergens such as lanolin and mineral oils, parabens and ingredients grown with the use of pesticides. The aromas come from the ingredients used in the formulations. All formulation preservatives are natural derivatives of fruits and salts.

Another line of goodies from Spirit Beauty Lounge I can't wait to get my hands on. Man, these people are good! Have you experienced Chocolate Sun? If so, leave us your feedback in the comments section. For more info on these lovely products, visit Spirit Beauty Lounge. I must warn you, though, these products are flying off their shelves. Many are already sold out and on backorder, so get 'em while the gettin' is good!


  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE these products! I cant believe how good they are, no kidding..They smell fabulous, and leave a believeable tan!!!! And no smell..when you first apply it smells so like chocolatey! And no afterstench either..I am also in love with their marigold faical cream ( spf30
    I bought all these products at spirtbeautylounge.com They have the fastest, best customer service I have ever experienced!!! Check them out..buy lucky mag. and in the june issue they have a 30% off on the whole website!!!!!! What a deal!! I just placed my order!

  2. Very nice blog and I totally agree with what you wrote. It took me a long time to before I became a fan of sunless tanning lotions, until my sister gave me one to try for a production that I was in that required me to have a tan. It was so great and convenient to use rather having to go to the tanning booth. The color was terrific! I even used it on my children as they were in the production with me, and they love it too! Now I use it regularly and in fact am able to go without foundation because of the wonderful color it gives me, which sure saves time in the morning!

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  4. Meh, the marigold SPF face cream is utterly unusable, it leaves white patches on my skin that don’t go away, even if I apply it after I exfoliated it still makes my skin terribly flaky. I tried passing it on to other family members but they had the same results, is simply un-wearable on the face, I am not talking about a few white patches I am talking about the whole face all the day long is looks like who is wearing it has plague lol, I have never meet something like this in a natural and organic sunscreen before, in fact even the cheap ones have never been this bad. Since I paid to much on it I feel like making it work somehow, any suggestions?

  5. I just added one drop of Rosehip Seed Oil to 10 squirts of Marigold SPF 30 face cream and is made a dramatic change, it blends nicely on my face now. I think the problem was that my skin is too dry and needed extra moisture. I just used it for one week continuously and I got to say my skin loves it, I did not brake me out at all.


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