Monday, April 6, 2009

REVIEW: Kérastase Double Force Controle Ultime Hair Spray

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Introducing Kérastase Double Force Controle Ultime

What's the benefit?
Concentrated fixing polymers create firm styles with a protective, extra-strength hold. Helps strengthen the hair fiber. Protective shield helps to prevent UV Damage.

- Ceramide
- UV Filter
- High Concentration of Fixing Polymer

Ok, so I need to begin by saying I am NOT a hairspray girl. I NEVER use hairspray. But I was asked to try this, and try it I did. I was intrigued to try it because it was from Kérastase, a luxury haircare brand I love and respect. Surprisingly, for a hairspray, I'm impressed. The reason I never use hairspray is it inevitably gives me a headache. Whether psychological or real, the fumes just get to me. Secondly, I can't stand a stiff feel to my hair. I need to be able to run my fingers through it effortlessly. As my hair is think and naturally wavy, it generally holds the style without need of hairspray; so in that regard I'm very lucky.

Here's the deal here though. Double Force Controle Ultime, though strong in hold, does not create a cloud of fumes when sprayed and it doesn't feel overly tacky or stiff. It has humdity-blocking properties, which keep my hair from frizzing out. That's huge for a gal living in the deep south, where the air is so thick with water sometimes you could drink it. Another benefit is that the spray, the formula, actually helps to make weak hair stronger. One of my favorite elements about this product is its UV protection. It not only protects your hair, it protects color - so if you're a color-treated gal like myself, it helps to hold and maintain the integrity of the color even while in the sun - less fading. Because the spray doesn't make hair stiff, it's easy to manage, allowing you to change styles during the day or night without having to wash your hair to get rid of what's already in there - nice! This is a large can, it'll last you a long time.

One more reason to love Kérastase - how about a private sale!

Experience the Ultimate Luxury in Haircare
At a Discounted Price

Receive 30% off select soon to be out-of-stock products from March 26th - April 10th

Some of the products included are:

Sérum Après-Soleil
Vibrant Color and Silky Finishing Treatment for Sun-Exposed Hair

Vinyle Nutri-Sculpt
Flexible-Hold, Shine-Definition Cream

Lipo-Enriching Massage for Tight Scalps and Weakened Hair

Bain Elasto-Curl
Hydra-Toning Bath for Curly, Dry Hair.

And more…

Kérastase is a consistent winner of InStyle's Best in haircare year after year. For more information and to shop the wonderful sale above, please visit Kérastase online. Kérastase is also available at fine salons nationwide.

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