Thursday, April 23, 2009

BANANA REPUBLIC: Limited-Edition Travel Mini Fragrances

Chic, classy and oh so affordable!

Banana Republic introduces the latest way to wear their signature scents. The new limited-edition Miniature collection features 7.5ml versions of their best-selling Discover fragrances. Designed to be exact replicas of their “parent” bottles, minis make the perfect luxurious little gift for any occasion, and are the simple solution for carry-on travel or to tote with you each day. Who wouldn't want a cute lil' bottle of signature Banana fragrance? These are so adorable you can take your favorite of the scents wherever you go and never compromise on having a sweet little bottle to enjoy - pop one in your gym bag or your overnite tote for instant freshness whenever you want it!

Alabaster - a delicate blend of wild musk and natural florals
Fragrance Family: Floral-Floral
Key Notes: Lotus Flower, Wild Rose, Musks

Rosewood - a sensual blend of rare florals and rich amber
Fragrance Family: Floral-Oriental
Key Notes: Bergamot Champagne, White Tea Leaves, White Amber

Malachite - a radiant blend of luscious florals and warm sandalwood
Fragrance Family: Floral-Floral
Key Notes: Water Hyacinth, Imperial Peony, Sandalwood

Slate - a crisp blend of refreshing citrus and invigorating ginger
Fragrance Family: Aromatic Green
Key Notes: Glacier Citrus Water, Silver Sage, Hydroponic Ginger Root

Black Walnut - a timeless blend of aromatic cedarwood and warm signature notes
Fragrance Family: Aromatic Woody
Key Notes: Cognac, Tobacco Leaves, Cedarwood

Cordovan - a seductive blend of ebony spices and vintage leather
Fragrance Family: Modern Woody
Key Notes: Leafy Green Fig, Raw Nutmeg, Vintage Leather

Plus, they’re super affordable 1 for $10, 2 for $15. Definitely a budget beauty must-have. The Limited-Edition Minis are available only at Banana Republic stores nationwide. Get them while you can!


  1. These look fantastic! I hope they have them in the UK too. I'm obsessed with perfume.

  2. Oh me too! I have trouble deciding which three or four scents I'm going to wear throughout the day ... lol



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