Thursday, April 2, 2009

I.C.O.N. Haircare at Planet Beauty

I.C.O.N. haircare products follow the company’s philosophy of using only the purest ingredients, locked inside the highest quality formulations to deliver exactly what’s needed, when needed. They call it culture; I call it good sense.

I.C.O.N. started in Spain and has been in the U.S. for a little over five years. While most of the high-end lines are owned by bigger companies (e.g. L'Oreal owns Kerastase), I.C.O.N. is fiercely independent, which lets it maintain a focus on strong culture, skincare-quality ingredients and educating the hairstylists who use it. The brand is highly focused on the feeling experienced while using their products as much as the quality and purity of the products themselves.


One Soul (Sulfate Free) - In search of an all-over body experience that will indulge you from head to toe, with anti-agers that protect from environmental damage? This exquisite shampoo is sulfate-free yet delivers a luxurious lather with an earthy fragrance that will create balance and harmony for the soul. A shampoo and body wash experience that provides moisture, texture and shine to indulge hair’s one soul. $14.50 - $32.50

Drench (Moisture) - Designed to address hair that needs extra care, this hydrating shampoo will nourish dry, unruly, over-processed or just thirsty hair each and every time it’s used. Aloe leaf juice works as a natural healer to bring back a state of health; silk and wheat proteins repair; and panthenol fills hair with hydration. Drench provides a sense of luxury with lather and a performance unlike any other. It will drench hair with moisture. $12.90 - $29.90

Energy (Clarifying) - Keeping hair healthy is a concern for everyone. In order to help prevent hair loss from occurring we need to keep our scalp clean and healthy. This energizing shampoo invigorates and stimulates the scalp while strengthening and adding shine to hair. Organic oils increase circulation to nourish hair follicles while silk and wheat proteins strengthen the hair. Every time it’s used, you will sense stimulating energy. $12.90 - $29.90

Full (Volumizing) - Fine hair needs a fuller process that needs to begin with the right shampoo. This volumizing shampoo creates full body while keeping the integrity of the hair. Each strand of hair needs to be infused with amino acids (think of a body builder) and silk proteins that will add strength but also add manageability, allowing it to be fully prepared for body. $12.90 - $29.90


Feels Free - Lightweight is the key to creating an instant conditioner that will free hair of stress while hydrating, protecting and making sure that it is ideal for all hair types. Free represents a unique balance of nurturing ingredients like silk proteins that strengthen, shea butter for hydration, babassu oil to protect and aloe leaf juice, a natural healer. Your hair will be left more manageable with amazing shine. Your hair feels free. $15.90 - $37.90

Soul Mate (Sulfate Free) - Extend the all-over body experience that began with One Soul with a conditioner that protects both hair and skin. This moisturizer for inside the shower hydrates skin while also promoting smooth skin texture. It’s perfect under warm water when your skin is most susceptible to moisture absorption, leaving your body soft, radiant and protected. The vitamin cocktail I.C.O.N. calls A.C.E. is a perfect anti-aging remedy for hair, guarding against daily environmental damage. So perfect from head-to-toe, you’ll easily find your soul mate. $16.50 - $40

Sultry (Leave-In Protector) - There is something sexy about hair. It’s one of the first things others notice about us and it’s why we continually strive to create hair that feels as good as it looks. I.C.O.N. sources ingredients to repair while imparting a refreshing ambiance, and they seek to design a product that promotes texture by plumping hair at the root. As in so many I.C.O.N. products, this includes their signature A.C.E. vitamin blend for anti-aging. This spray-on, leave-in conditioner invites you to explore your sultry side. $12.95

Energize (Stimulating) - Life forces us to adapt to changes. As we enter new phases in our lives we look for small sensory experiences that will allow us to feel one way one day and completely different the next day. We search for products that will answer our ever-changing needs, shampoos and conditioners that will not only care for our hair but will fulfill that need even if it’s only temporary. This forced I.C.O.N. to look beyond and create a life force conditioner that will strengthen, stimulate and energize your scalp and hair. Organic oils, avocado seed oil, and olive fruitseed oil provide a rich emolliency that will leave you and your hair feeling rejuvenated. It was the next natural choice. $18

I.C.O.N also makes treatments and styling products for hair with the same culture of purity, sensual experience and quality in mind. I.C.O.N products are available at Planet Beauty. Please visit them online to learn more about this unique brand of haircare today!

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