Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Strange Invisible Perfumes: Beauty and the Bees

For the month of April, 10% of each Strange Invisible Perfumes product you purchase at their boutique or online will be donated to fund a study on the disappearance of honeybees due to Colony Collapse Disorder. The study focuses on natural methods to eradicate this devastating ecological threat. It is spearheaded by the president of the Committee for Promotion of Honey and Health.

Are you new to this situation? I wrote about this last year during earth month and invite you to learn more about it through that post here.

Consider some of SIP's new fragrances, Aquarian Roses, Epic Gardenia or Urban Lily, or choose a cult fave. My favorite of their fragrances is the L'Invisible. It's a true delight! Oak moss and a bouquet of resins lay in the shade of ylang ylang and blood orange. Coursing through the heart of the perfume is a redolent fusion of hibiscus and vanilla that coils through dimly lit veils of Moroccan Red Rose and Sicilian Lemon.

You may also wish to checkout their body washes and lotions, characteristically luxurious in every way. For more information, please visit Strange Invisible Perfumes online or in person at their boutique in Venice, CA.


  1. We love Fire & Cream by Strange Invisible Perfumes! Perfect scent for Fall:

  2. Beauty with a cause i should i say. This would be a great buy.

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