Friday, April 3, 2009

One to Watch: Emily Elizabeth Jewelry

These are so lovely, yet make a bold statement. These chic geometric-inspired necklaces are from Emily Elizabeth Jewelry. All pieces can be plated in variations of gold (yellow, white, pink, green, brown and black) and are available to purchase at Emily Elizabeth online or at boutiques carrying her line of jewelry.

So popular are these creations, some have been back-ordered. The line has been featured in People Magazine's StyleWatch. Her Good Fortunes necklace (the one that looks like a fortune cookie) is gaining cult status, yet retails for only $60 - $90, depending on the metal you choose. As with all her jewelry, you have the option of selecting it in sterling silver or a variety of different golds. in addition to the lariats and necklaces I've chosen to highlight, Emily Elizabeth Jewelry also offers earrings, bangles and cuffs. I'm totally enamored with these pieces ... hmmmm Mother's Day IS coming up, right? = )


  1. These are cute, I love the shapes and design. Delicate yet bold and strong, very fun!


  2. I love that little fortune cookie one ... thinking about ordering it in sterling ... ; )



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