Saturday, April 25, 2009

FRAGRANCE: Honoré des Prés ... Experienced

Couldn't wait to try the new wholly french organic fragrances by perfumeur Olivia Giacobetti. These are scents even the most sensitive nose will admire. I've tried them all and what I can say is that they are intrinsically subtle. They're a hint of fragrance not at all overpowering. That they are petrochemical and synthetic free allows us to experience the integrity of the ingredients and enjoy each combination for what they are in essence.

You can read more about the Honoré des Prés line of ECOCERT fragrances here. There are currently five fragrance combinations to choose from, all with their own unique story. My favorite? Well, surprisingly it's Honoré's Trip - an explosive cocktail of pure tangerine extracts, Mediterranean oranges, all yellow and green lemons, together with spicy pepper taken from trees in the Philippine Islands. Before trying, I expected to fall in love with Bonte's Bloom for its summery freshness or Sexy Angelic with its descriptive, powdery sweet elixir of love, but Honoré's Trip won my heart.

You can find the collection of Honoré des Prés fragrances at one of my favorite, chic, green-minded shops - Spirity Beauty Lounge. Settle in a bit before clicking as you'll want to devour everything you find there. xo

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