Friday, August 8, 2008

2008 Olympics Opening Ceremony and the Little Pony

The Opening Ceremony in Beijing is expected to surpass any start to any Games in history. Reports are the most expensive opening ever was four years ago in Athens, when the Greeks spent around $30 million on their torch-lighting rite. The Chinese have surpassed them by a factor of 10. With an estimated $300 million budget, a seemingly never-ending cast of 15,000, and a fireworks display that's rumored to be the biggest in history, the Bird's Nest is redefining Olympic spectacle extraordinaire. Click here for more photos and info.

Now to the fashion of the US Teams during Opening Ceremony. Anyone recognize this little, teeny, tiny iconic pony? Personally, I think the suit is fresh, smart and fabulously representative of the USA. Looks like Terri, from Season 5's Project Runway, had the right idea in her fashion creation - white pants, navy blazer - from the "Rings of Glory" Challenge. Was she spot on or what? Loved that look!

designer: Terri from Season 5's Project Runway

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