Monday, August 18, 2008

BravoTV's Shear Genius Gifts Robert Hallowell to an Undeserving Contestant Panel

Shear Genius

You know, I really have to admit I'm sadly disappointed with this particular episode (#7) of BravoTV's Shear Genius. Who am I kidding, I'm disappointed with the whole season thus far, but let's stick to this episode for now.

Shear Genius had the good sense to bring on celebrity hairstylist Robert Hallowell as a guest judge for a shortcut challenge. Known as The Kitchen Beautician, Hallowell specializes in using and creating products that are natural and organic in ingredients, often using foods right in the client's kitchen to whip up delicacies for the hair. For the shortcut challenge of this episode, they had him judge the stylists based on their use of foods you might find in a kitchen cabinet to create a futuristic look with unusual cut, shape and height.

Where the heck did they find these stylists? With one or two exceptions (if I'm being nice), none knew what to make of having to use natural products/ingredients to create a stylish masterpiece. (side note: None seemed to know much about Robert Hallowell either, another sign that these contestants aren't "in the know" about their own field.) In today's day and age, this is really unacceptable. I'm so, so disappointed! They completely botched this challenge - they had all kinds of wonderful foods and ingredients and completely missed the mark on how to use them well. I can't even comment on the foods they actually did choose (with the feast of foods laid out before them) and how they used them, too frustrating to do so, click here and here for more on that.

Furthermore, Shear Genius should be chastised for not allowing Hallowell to educate the stylists and the viewing audience more on the good use of such ingredients in their haircare - on air! He's got the knowledge, it should have been aired, especially in light of this complete failure of the contestants to know better. Aren't these stylists supposed to be some of the best out there? Apparently not.

Hallowell has his own line of haircare products, aptly named pRAWducts (get the "raw" in the middle? okay, okay - I know you picked that out already), that are absolutely phenomenal in terms of ingredients and effective results. I've raved about his line before, but it bears mentioning with this Shear Genius fiasco now behind us. Take a look at his website and see for yourself what they (and we as the viewing audience) could have gotten from him had they done this episode right!

(click image to enlarge for detail)

For more information on Robert Hallowell and his wonderful line of pRAWducts, click here.

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