Saturday, August 9, 2008

REVIEW: 3LAB Perfect Sunblock SPF 55

Luxury skincare brand 3LAB has introduced their new broad spectrum sun protection product in Perfect Sunblock SPF 55. This is a silky cream for face and body that absorbs 99% of incoming UVB and UVA rays. Sunscreens of the past have sometimes only focused their SPF on the UVB type rays, this adds high sun protection for the UVA rays as well. Perfect Sunblock SPF 55 acts as a barrier against the rays and contains four active sunscreen ingredients to help protect the skin from the damage of aging (caused by UVA rays) and reddening and burning (caused by UVB rays).

In classic 3LAB tradition (they make "h" Serum which enjoys a huge cult following), this cream is not only a sunscreen, but it is targeted to provide anti-aging benefits to skin. It's a rich, hydrating cream easily absorbed into skin and with no distracting scent. It arrived in perfect time for my recent beach vacation and I used it exclusively during the trip. I was quite impressed with the results. As a fair-skinned woman (growing paler every year, having sworn off tanning beds and occasional lay-outs in the sun frequented in the days of my youth), when I go in the sun for any prolonged period of time, even with high-end sunscreens, I tend to get some redness on my forehead, nose and shoulders. Perfect Sunblock SPF 55 kept that from happening, and I was in and out of the water and on the beach reading beauty and fashion magazines (of course) for hours each day. I also used this as my moisturizer day and night. This cream is chock full of fabulous antioxidants and natural ingredients known to repair and moisturize skin (see ingredients at bottom), so it served a double purpose for me.

3LAB has this to say about the product's features and benefits and I can tell you they're true to word here having used up the whole tube:

  • Anti-aging, broad spectrum sunblock that contains four powerful anti-oxidants to help boost the skin's ability to fight environmental aggressors
  • Uses a special polymer technology to boost the skin's protection level
  • Oil-free, non-comedogenic, PABA and fragrance-free
  • Revolutionary lightweight formula glides on smooth and won't clog pores
  • Absorbed quickly, is non-greasy and leaves no residue on the skin
  • Prevents heat buildup on skin


  • Parsol 1789 - absorbs ultraviolet light and UVA rays
  • Acai Fruit - a super antioxidant to help combat signs of aging
  • Adenosine - increases DNA and protein synthesis in the dermal cells, reduces wrinkles and increases tissue repair and reconstruction
  • Green Tea Extract - neutralizes free radicals and inflammation
  • Mulberry Extract - a natural tyrosine inhibitor that prevents skin discoloration
  • Portulaca Extract - an anti-inflammatory to help calm the skin
  • Vitamin E - an antioxidant that soothes and repairs the skin

3LAB Perfect Sunblock SPF55 (SRP $55) is available at Barney's New York and Visit for more information.

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