Thursday, August 21, 2008

REVIEW: White Sands Curl Up In Silk Mousse

Allow me to introduce you to White Sands Curl Up In Silk Mousse. Mmmmmm ... it is as lovely as its name implies.

Curls are back! Ringlets, beachy waves, loose, soft, sexy curls - yep, they're all in. With the introduction of Curl Up in Silk Firm Hold and Medium Hold Mousses, White Sands, a professional hair care manufacturer infusing cutting edge science with natural botanicals, presents their Curl Up In Silk Line to effortlessly achieve defined curls with a radiant shine.

Due to the unique chemical molecular structure of the ingredients, this curl conscious duo will provide a new type of curl pattern. Once applied to wet or dry locks, the wave created will take on a rope-like effect, causing the hair to group together and turn over each other. Curl Up In Silk even resists moisture for long-lasting styles even in the highest levels of humidity.
With the additional benefit of thermal protection, the Firm and Medium Hold Mousses are the perfect compliments to your favorite heat styling tools such as curling irons, hot rollers, and flat irons.

Curl Up in Silk Firm Hold Mousse is ideal for round-brush styling, producing lift for unsurpassed body and fullness. Despite its firm hold, Curl Up in Silk is free of unwanted flaking and product build up, leaving hair silky, shiny and soft.

Curl Up in Silk Medium Hold Mousse allows you to create and define texture, dimension, waves, and volume. Use this product for scrunching and round-brush styling. Like its firm version, once the Medium Hold mousse dries, the hair feels virtually product free, which creates a touchable, nude-like feel.

REVIEW: These are both dreamy, light mousse products. Both do exactly what they claim. My favorite of the two is the Medium Hold Mousse as I enjoy using it to go au naturel. I can literally step out the shower, lightly towel dry my hair, scrunch in some of this delightful mousse all over damp hair, brush or comb through to de-tangle, scrunch the hair a bit to initiate the curl, and let dry. What results is lovely, soft, natural looking waves and curl with huge shine factor. That is one of the points about this product I'm enjoying most; the shine benefit is really quite apparent (and this with desperate need of re-touching my color - I'm 3 weeks overdue - shhhh). The mousse is as you'd expect it to be in texture - a light creamy foam- no surprises there. It has a subtle, fresh, clean scent to it. There's no sticky or stiff feel to the hair after application or after drying. That White Sands is an eco-friendly company and uses natural, botanical ingredients in these products makes them preferred in my book. Until recently only known in the professional and celebrity arena, White Sands is really carving a prestigious name for themselves among consumers wanting top-notch professional products easily available to them at reasonable prices.

White Sands Curl Up In Silk line is available through White Sands distributors, with prices ranging from $18 - $22. For more information, please visit White Sands online.

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