Thursday, August 21, 2008

Vivica, Glam Gods and Hair - Oh My

Do you want another reality style show? Well, do ya? Calling all Rachel Zoe wanna-be's.

You're getting one whether you want it or not. Behold - Glam Gods -premiers tonight on VH1 (10 pm ET). I suspect this program may actually get some cross-over viewers from the BravoTV audience as well as their own loyal VH1 viewing youth.

Why? Hostess with the mostest - Vivica A. Fox - for one. This gorgeous, style maven is sure to bring class and respectability to what could otherwise be just "another one of those reality shows". Secondly, the show is bringing in some downright notable hot-shots in the style world. My sources tell me Charles Worthington London stylist Tim Rogers is on board to style the contestants. Rounding out the panel of judges is US Weekly Bureau Chief Melanie Bromley and celebrity stylist extraordinaire Phillip Bloch. After viewing highlights from their portfolios, Vivica and her glam panel select four team leaders for their first challenge: "Who Wore It Best?" Each team must create a red carpet moment using identical designer dresses. By the end of the night, two stylists will be eliminated from the competition and sent home.

Want a little Tim Rogers how-to? You've got it. Tim worked his magic on the contestants utilizing all of the CWL products, but always picking up his favorite, SALT SPRAY, first. That’s because big hair full volume texturizing salt spray instantly creates fuller, healthier, shinier hair that feels just as good as it looks. The unique spray “sure shot” delivery system places product directly where it needs to go –targeting areas that need a “boost” of volume or texturize. Naturally fine and limp strands are plumped up with an active blend of ingredients.

For more on Glam Gods, click here.


  1. I'm simultaneously skeptical and interested. On the one hand, I love fashion, beauty, etc. and if it's done well, it could be a guilty pleasure. But on the other hand, oh how I hate Rachel Zoe, and this kind of show is sure to attract lowlife personalities.

  2. Melanie Bromley a style guru? Please! That woman couldn't style her way out of a wet paper bag with a pick axe, map and a clue. Tell her to fix her porcine nose, get rid of the little girl lost vocal tone, and step away from the cocktail dresses at noon, and then I might consider it. The only reason she got where she is is because she paid others to do her dirty work in the UK, whilst she took all the credit. She has NOTHING to do with the style pages at US Weekly, and for good reason. Bromley is both a journalistic and stylistic joke.


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