Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sula Stiletto Musk Rollerball Perfume Oil

Stiletto Musk Roll-On Perfume

Sula Rollerball Perfume
Petite perfume packages from Sula, each with its own subtle scent that rolls on light-as-air. Stiletto Musk is A warm, sexy scent with notes of musk, amber, dusky florals. This little creation I just couldn't pass up. At only $18, they're worth it.

Again, while on our Hurricane Gustav stress-induced shopping spree, we ran straight for the doors of Anthropologie - another wonderful boutique I never get to visit "in the flesh". There are none near me, so best bet is shopping them online, which is just not the same.

I tried all versions of the Sula rollerballs - Butterfly Kiss, Champagne Sugar, Sunkissed Citrus, and Stiletto Musk (my choice). Sula also makes these scents in bigger bottles and offers Vanilla Blossom as an additional fragrance choice in that size (1 ounce).

Stiletto Musk is not nearly as heavy a fragrance as one might expect from the description and the notes (it's also described as a 'spice'). It truly is light and smells sweetly of amber and musk in a fabulous, sensuous oil. Small enough for your purse, these fragrances in a rollerball dispensing glass bottle are sure to please even the most discriminating tastes. $18 at Anthropologie and b-glowing.


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  2. I wanna try this roller ball perfume it looks very interesting one. Anyway,I am looking forward to your next post.



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