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REVIEW: Adara Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

Organic Virgin Coconut Oil - Green Tea

You'll want to treat yourself to this delicate yet purely indulgent oil from Adara. We've been hearing a lot lately about the virtues of coconut oil and its many uses. I couldn't wait to get my hands on some of this and searched high and low to find this particular brand having learned about it when I wrote my piece on Sourcing the World's Best in Beauty. Found it!

This is what we learned back then: Among Singapore's island state exports is this multipurpose Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, which makes its way from tree to bottle in just 24 hours and can be used as a potent moisturizer for both skin and hair. It comes in five scents, plus an unscented version that makes an ideal base for homemade essential-oil fragrances.

Oh my goodness, this stuff is fantastic! I've used it to moisturize my face, my body, to add shine as a leave in product on dry hair, and as a hydrating and repairing agent on the ends of my hair still wet in the shower after conditioning. It gives beautiful results. What I can't get over is the delicacy of this oil. It's clear in color and not at all heavy in application. I can pat the organic coconut oil directly into facial skin without it leaving a greasy residue and without clogging pores or causing blemishes.

Adara Organic Virgin Coconut Oil comes in an unscented version as well as these scents: Green Tea, Jasmine, Lavender, Peach and Rose and are sold for $30 an 8.4 oz bottle. I have the Green Tea scented oil; it's light, fresh, crisp and clean in fragrance. These are not overpowering in the least.

In addition to the uses detailed above, Adara also offers these as sugestions as tips and benefits:
  • Tip: Untainted coconut oil naturally crystalizes in cooler tempatures. Simply run the Adara bottle under hot tap water to liquify!
  • Skin Nourishment: Gently soothe onto skin daily or as needed when skin feels thirsty and needs comfort. Helps to lock in moisture which is essential to keep skin soft and smooth. Ideal relief for dry rough patches. Aids in the removal of dead skin cells to promote growth of smooth and supple skin.
  • Apply adara as a pimple treatment overnight: The cleansing properities of the lauric acid will help remove bacteria so that redness will fade and inflamation will subside.
  • Hair Nourishment: Massage into hair and cover with shower cap for 30 minutes prior to normal wash for a intensive deep conditioning treatment. Apply on dry split ends for smooth flowing locks. Coating hair with a thin layer prior to going for a swim protects hair from damages caused by chlorine or salty seawater.
  • Spa Feel: Create your own spa haven without having to step out of your cozy nest. Spice up your love life with sensual healing massages for your partner or de-stress and detoxify with a therapuetic massage with moderature pressure on the reflex zones that gives an uplift to mind & body. A relaxing way to let your skin drink up this healthy oil and at the same time experience the benefits of touch.
  • Aroma: Use oil in water bath with an aromatherapy burner.
    Add a few drops to your bath for a fragrant relaxing spa and added nourishing moisture to your skin.
  • Frangrace Tip: Use Organic Unscented Virgin Coconut Oil as a carrier oil to mix with your favorite essential oils to create your own personal fragrance.

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