Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Simple Pleasures of Talenti Sorbetto e Gelato

Sometimes there's just nothing more beautiful than a dish of divine italian confection. With the hot weather approaching, and for some of us - oh, it's here already, I thought I'd tempt you with this exquisite frozen delicious-ness.

Making everything from scratch with unparalleled artisanship, Talenti Gelato e Sorbetto has a 500 year tradition of creating their handcrafted gelato and sorbetto. They combine the impeccably chosen ingredients by hand in small batches and add their innovative spirit and passion in order to provide their customers with a myriad of enchanting flavors from which to choose.

Talenti incorporates the finest ingredients available by importing raw materials from around the world to enhance our recipes. Talenti gelato uses only freshly pasteurized milk which is free of the growth hormones rBGH and rBST. They use only extra fine pure sugar, fresh fruit and nuts straight from the growers, real Callebaut chocolate from Belgium, fresh whole Tahitian vanilla beans from Papua New Guinea, select coconuts from the Philippines, and dulce de leche from Argentina. Additionally, they roast and caramelize their own nuts, squeeze their own lemons, and they make their own nut pastes. No detail is ignored and no shortcuts are taken. Talenti truly is made with only the best.

With flavors like Sicilian Pistachio, Tahitian Vanilla Bean, Double Dark Chocolate, Malaysian Mango, Hill County Peach Champagne, Lisbon Lemon and many more, it's truly no surprise these are as luscious as they sound. One more reason to love it - Talenti gelatos and sorbettos have 30% to 100% less fat than traditional ice cream!

You can find them at most Whole Foods Markets or alternately check them out at their online website, Talenti.

People Magazine's Most Beautiful Unveiled

After a difficult and public battle with breast cancer, Christina Applegate is feeling reinvigorated, both inside and out, she tells People. Gracing the magazine's 2009 "Most Beautiful" issue, the 37-year-old actress opens up in her first interview since undergoing reconstructive breast surgery last November.
The Samantha Who? star says she's finding balance and embracing her body after undergoing a double mastectomy in July, followed by reconstructive breast surgery in November. "You have to get through the physical transformations then buck up, go to work and try to be the normal, happy Christina for everyone around you," she says.

She has an "angel" of a boyfriend, Dutch bass player Martyn Lenoble, "who loves me from head to toe." She has a cozy Malibu beach house that she calls "the best thing I've ever done for myself." And, after a very public battle with breast cancer that has given her a gratifying "feeling of purpose," Christina Applegate has a new lease on life.
"I used to be really shy but I started to come into my own in my late 20s and early 30s," Applegate, 37, tells PEOPLE in the cover interview for the annual Most Beautiful issue. "Now I'm not afraid to speak up in a room full of people and be a part of the conversation."

One source of strength has been Lenoble. "He's been a friend for about 13 years," Applegate says. "Our relationship gets stronger and stronger. I'm really lucky." And, more importantly, he makes the actress feel "beautiful" about her new body."I'm very grateful to Martyn for coming along at a time that he did because he's been my rock through all of this," Applegate says. "He gave me something to really want to live for and something to smile about."

Others stars to make the grade this year in People's Most Beautiful - Halle Berry, Zac Efron, Angelina Jolie, Kristen Wiig (SNL fame), Taylor Swift, Robert Pattinson, Michelle Obama and others.

source: People/MSN

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Dosha: Ayurvedic Approach to Balance

Doshas are the three energies that govern the body: vata, pitta, and kapha.

According to Ayurveda, each of us is made up of some combination of three doshas, or energy archteypes, which determine both our physical and emotional health. Ayurveda combines nutrition, lifestyle, psychology and herbal medicine to cultivate wellness in both mind and body. It is said that at conception we are created with a unique blend of the five great elements (ether, air, fire, water, earth). That unique blend is called our prakruti or individual body constitution. Our prakruti is a combination of the three doshas vata (ether + air), pitta (fire + water), and kapha (water + earth). Since prakruti is made of the three doshas, knowing what your dosha(s) is/are, is key to maintaining your health.

Each of us is composed of varying amounts of the three doshas, and according to Ayurvedic principles, what we eat, how we work, and even whom we love should serve to maintain our doshic balance. Left unchecked, imbalance is believed to cause health issues ranging from headaches and skin rashes to larger issues like cancer and chronic depression.

The first step in regaining balance is to recognize that the environment around you has a profound influence on how you feel. Paying conscious attention to what you hear, touch, see, taste and smell can help create peace, balance and vitality in your mind and body. A harmonized daily routine that engages the five senses with nourishing impressions is one of the most important steps towards achieving health.
There are many online tests you can take to come closer to knowing your own dosha combination. I'll list them at the bottom. I discovered that I'm a pretty good combination of both Pitta and Kapha. In testing a little further for possible body and/or mind imbalances, I was able to discover accumulations in one area or another and sought out tips to brings myself back into better balance.
For instance, accumulated Kapha or out of balance Kapha leads to heaviness, sluggishness and congestion. Stimulation and movement help overcome the resistance of accumulated Kapha. Think activation and invigoration. Here are some tips to maximize balance and well-being:

Body - Accumulated Kapha
  • Take a yoga class to connect to your body and invoke your natural energy
  • Perform a vigorous daily self massage with invigorating herbalized oil
  • Take deep breaths throughout the day
  • Favor spicy foods with a predominance of pungent, bitter, and astringent tastes
  • Walk 5-15 minutes after eating to aid digestion
  • Drink Invigorating Tea
  • Put your full attention on your meals when eating

When Vata is out of balance, change and movement agitate the physiology resulting in a sense of instability. Balancing Vata requires introducing more grounding and stabilizing influences. Think routine and consistency. Here are a few tips to encourage balance and well-being:

Mind - Accumulated Vata

  • Meditate twice a day to quiet the mind
  • Look for opportunities to create rhythm and routine in your life
  • Go to bed and awaken at about the same time every day
  • Wear relaxing fragrances
  • Listen to slow and relaxing music to calm Vata
  • Minimize heavy reading, eating, or watching TV right before bed
  • Diffuse relaxing fragrances into your environment
  • Favor mild pastel shades and earth tones in your environment

Very interesting stuff! I was inspired by Alyssa Giacobbe's article on the subject in Body + Soul magazine, which you can read in its entirety here. Working on balancing my energies and appreciating these concepts immensely. One way I've found that helps me focus on my own wellbeing is by using products and fragrances with organic and natural ingredients. Again I'd remind you of a line perfect for just this approach - Organic Apoteke.

Want to take the dosha test for yourself? Here are a few suggestions to get you started.

Namaste ... xo

Beautyhabit Sampler for Your Pleasure

Ok, ok ... so I know we've talked a lot about gifts lately, especially in term of mother's day. Just keep coming across great deals and samplers and can't keep 'em under my hat. Here's another - at the modern luxe apothecary Beautyhabit. Well, who doesn't adore Beautyhabit anyway, right?

With your $70 or more purchase, receive this deluxe sampler with goodies you can give to mom or keep for yourself. Enter promotional code: LOVEMOM at checkout to redeem your gift. Offer ends 5/10/09 or while supplies last.

Shop Beautyhabit for more wonderful gifting ideas and to find luxurious treasures for you and yours.

Apothica ~ for Little Indulgences

Just learned about this little gem of a store. Apothica is an online beauty boutique, which carries some of the finest selection of skin care, body care, aromatherapy, and cosmetic products on the market today, including some of the most natural, organic products available. They are dedicated to providing you with high quality products formulated to promote and enhance your natural beauty.
Learn more about them by checking out their site or visit them in the dowtown Salt Lake City area in you're there. Enjoy FREE priority USPS shipping with orders of $49 or more and always receive free samples to pamper yourself with.

Nordstrom Beauty & Fragrance - Fab Little GWP's

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Lots of loveliness going on in the Nordstrom Beauty & Fragrance Department right now. Take a gander at some of the gifts with purchase you may partake of. And there's more to come. We'll announce another Nordstrom beauty deal coming up over the next few days ... psst from Philosophy.

GWP's shown above from Dior, Ed Hardy for Her, Ed Hardy for Him, Estee Lauder, Harajuku Lovers, Juicy Couture, Laura Mercier, Marc Jacobs, Rock & Republic, Shiseido, Sisley and Vikto + Rolf Flowerbomb. They won't last long so take advantage while they're there.

Click here to shop Nordstrom or to learn more about these lovely GWP offers.

Monday, April 27, 2009

New! Kai Home Room + Linen Spray

Kai's new home line complements their growing product offerings, all of which exclusively feature the unmistable scent of kai. Kai Home Room + Linen spray comes packaged in an exquisite italian glass bottle with a fine-mist german pump. The extoic scent of kai's signature perfume oil is delicately blended into a home fragrance that will fill your surroundings with the aura of kai. It functions as both a room fragrance and a linen spray.

Kai Home Room + Linen Spray is available in a 3.38 oz glass bottle and retails for $52. Visit b-glowing for more information and to see what else Kai has in store for you.

Purchase $30 or more at b-glowing & receive a trio sample set of the 3 Infusion Organique Home Ambiance & body products. (1 ml each). Enter code: infusion at checkout. This offer ends 5/4/09.

BeneFit Crescent Row - a Trio of Scents inspired by the Royal Crescent in Bath

BeneFit has introduced their newest foray into fragrance with a particularly creative and whimsical idea. Crescent Row is a trio of fragrances embodying three different feminine universes. The label imagined three girls who are neighbors, as in a Georgian-styled twist on Friends. Inspired by a visit to the Royal Crescent, a spectacular example of Georgian architecture of a row of townhouses laid out in a semi-circle in the town of Bath, England, the new collection, Crescent Row, features three feminine scents corresponding to three different flats:

Laugh with Me LeeLee, Something about Sofia, My Place or Yours Gina...The perfumes were entrusted to perfumer François Demachy of LVMH and developed by BeneFit founders Jean and Jane Ford over two years with fragrance companies Robertet and Firmenich. That's some heavy duty developing, ladies!

Laugh With Me LeeLee, a woody floral designed to be fun and feminine, has top notes of cassis, melon and citrus; a heart of black violet, lily and jasmine, and a drydown of blond wood, amber and santal.

There's Something About Sofia, an oriental created to be bit more free-spirited, consists of top notes of mango and freesia; middle notes of sheer lily, jasmine sambac and peony petal, and a drydown of musk, white caramel and vanilla bean.

The more provocative My Place or Yours Gina has top notes of pink pepper, bergamot and tangerine; a heart of peony, wild raspberry and white lily, and base notes of patchouli, tonka bean and vanilla.

The perfumes are bottled in flacons inspired by an American lady's cocktail shaker excavated from the founders' grandmother's belongings from the 1920s, back then when they knew how to party. The design was slightly modernized and recreated by Ateliers Dinand.

Laugh With Me LeeLee, Something About Sofia and My Place or Yours Gina come packaged in a 1-oz. bottle for $36. A holiday gift set will contain a 1-oz. juice and a 2-oz. body lotion, retailing for $46." Crescent Row launches in July 2009. The Crescent Row trio will launch in 750 U.S. doors July 1, including Sephora, Macy's, Bloomingdale's and Henri Bendel, as well as in Benefit's freestanding boutiques and online. The San Francisco-bred brand will simultaneously launch in 950 international doors across the U.K., Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Russia.

source: WWD

Smashbox Halo + Primer = Flawless Skin

Smashbox Halo Hydrating Perfecting Powder is fast becoming a favorite best-selling product for the brand. You've read about it here already, and you'll read about it all over the internet if you're beauty savvy. There's a reason - it's wonderful!

What makes it special?
Halo is the first anti-aging powder with a patented hydration system built right into the product. There are 48 minerals and 11 amino acids, plus powerful peptides in this formula, which benefit your skin through continuous revitalization throughout the day. Halo has the power of clinical studies to back it as well. Users found they had a 33% decrease in lines and wrinkles just 10 minutes after application. Halo is a drink for the skin in powder form - revolutionary.

Here's what others are saying

"I have been using this for 3 months and I love love love it! It has made such a difference in my skin's appearance! My skin glows and it doesn't look like you are wearing a mask of makeup." ~ Rachel

"The best! Nothing compares. I'm 42 and after using this product my skin looks like it was 20 something again. There is no better foundation - I will never, never use anything else." ~ Jeanie

Right now, Smashbox is offering their best-selling Photo Finish Foundation Primer in a convenient travel size tube (.5 oz) as a complimentary gift to you with your purchase of Halo. The offer ends 5/10/09.

You'll also get to choose more jumbo samples with your order AND get free shipping. It's a fantastic deal. Halo Perfecting Powder is available in four shades from fair to dark and retails for $59. Shop Smashbox now!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Chanel No 5 - The Film

Join Chanel for the journey to No 5 ~ The Film

French film actress Audrey Tautou, famous for her role in Amelie and soon playing legendary Coco Chanel in a film about her life, has become the muse in a Chanel No. 5 mini film, directed by Jean Pierre Jeunet. While in the past, Chanel No. 5 commercials ran on TV and in the cinema, this is the first time a Chanel marketing campaign has kicked off on the internet, launching online globally on 5 May 2009. The brand is renewing its campaigns to appeal to younger consumers who are unaware of No. 5. The film unveiling takes place on 5/5 (Chanel No 5 ...), the same day the designer first introduced her fragrance to the world.

(click images to enlarge)

Make an online reservation to see No 5, The Film on May 5th. Click here to view the prelaunch teaser of the picture and confirm your reservation.

FRAGRANCE: Honoré des Prés ... Experienced

Couldn't wait to try the new wholly french organic fragrances by perfumeur Olivia Giacobetti. These are scents even the most sensitive nose will admire. I've tried them all and what I can say is that they are intrinsically subtle. They're a hint of fragrance not at all overpowering. That they are petrochemical and synthetic free allows us to experience the integrity of the ingredients and enjoy each combination for what they are in essence.

You can read more about the Honoré des Prés line of ECOCERT fragrances here. There are currently five fragrance combinations to choose from, all with their own unique story. My favorite? Well, surprisingly it's Honoré's Trip - an explosive cocktail of pure tangerine extracts, Mediterranean oranges, all yellow and green lemons, together with spicy pepper taken from trees in the Philippine Islands. Before trying, I expected to fall in love with Bonte's Bloom for its summery freshness or Sexy Angelic with its descriptive, powdery sweet elixir of love, but Honoré's Trip won my heart.

You can find the collection of Honoré des Prés fragrances at one of my favorite, chic, green-minded shops - Spirity Beauty Lounge. Settle in a bit before clicking as you'll want to devour everything you find there. xo

NARS Love Set

We've all come to know and love NARS for their Orgasm Blush, a huge cult favorite. But their lip products are just as coveted by those in the know! Case in point, NARS's NEW! Love Set. Love Set is a limited-edition set featuring three NARS shades designed to reveal a natural, healthy glow. Yes, yes - you'll get the Orgasm blush!

Here's what's included: the best-selling blush in Orgasm, lip gloss in Pillow Talk and a velvet matte lip pencil in Sex Machine. Packed in a sleek, see-through black box. A $73 value but available at NARS online for a limited time for $49. Yum!!

For more information on the NARS Love Set and other product combination sets priced right, visit them online now. Hurry before they take 'em away!

Mother's Day with Mutli Chic

Fun, fashionable, fortuitous finds ... haha!

It's true. One can always find something for gift-giving pleasures at Multi Chic. Featured above are these lovely picks:

Fuchsia Dahlia Fabric Flower Pin Brooch looks freshly picked and feels like a real flower! Embellish jackets, cardigans, dresses, blouses, handbags, hats and more with this versatile silk flower pin bursting with color, beauty and style. $24.99

Claus Porto RIVALE Grapefruit Fig 10.5 oz., soy blend candle. Enjoy 70 hours of this sweet and tartly scented candle made from the finest French frangrances. This chic, exhilirating, aromatic candle has it's own uniquely etched glass Art Deco design and is packaged so beautifully that you will want to save the extraordinary box! Claus Porto candles make remarkably chic gifts. Coordinate them with Claus Porto Large Bath Soaps and Claus Porto Liquid Hand Soaps for a stunning gift set. 70 hour burn time. $19.20 on sale! (regularly $32)

Kenneth Jay Lane White & Gold Cabochon Ring with Tanzanite Center. Gold, White & Tanzanite oversized cocktail ring. Tanzanite blue/violet stone (more violet than blue). KJL cocktails rings are glamorous, timeless jewelry pieces. One size with adjustable interior ring sizer. Ok- so I'm sneaking this one as I know it's hard to buy a ring for anyone but yourself. So, hey, are you a mother? Take advantage. Look how gorgeous this piece is. And tanzanite IS the shade of the season, lovely. $112.95

Crystal Owl Pin Brooch. Whimsical gold-tone owl pin with green crystal eyes and topaz crystals as beak and feathers. A wise fashion choice. 1 3/4" x 3" $30

Need even more reason to shop Multi Chic's vast array of home decor, jewelry, wardrobe, office accessories, baby gifts and more? How about 20% off your merchanside total as a Mother's Day gift to you. Visit Multi Chic online and enter code: MOM2009 at checkout to get your discount of these items and many more storewide!

Sephora: A Little Gucci Flora for You

Flora by Gucci is a subtle, sophisticated, floral fragrance inspired by princesses from the past, present, and future. The Flora Donna is a young, classic, and refined woman with the 'Gucci edge' of power and sensuality. The first Flora scarf was exclusively designed for Princess Grace of Monaco in 1966 and soon became one of the most popular Gucci icons. This scent is an expression of the Flora legacy. Its seductive layers mirror the playful details and bright colors that channel the heart of a fashion empire.

Notes: Citrus Accord, Peony, Rose, Osmanthus Flower, Pink Pepper, Sandalwood.

You can try the fragrance FREE right now with any $25 or more online Sephora purchase. Receive a free deluxe sample (.16 oz) of Gucci Flora by entering code: FLORA at checkout.

Gucci Flora EDT is available in hexagonal bottles of 1 oz ($52), 1.6 oz ($65) and 2.5 oz ($90) through Sephora. Flora by Gucci is also available in a Perfumed Body Lotion (6.7 oz - $45).

GIVEAWAY: Kiss My Face Potent & Pure Facial Care

The Kiss My Face Potent & Pure facial care system is formulated with the highest quality and most effective ingredients that nature has to offer. I've had the box filled with these products in my office for a week now and I'm telling you it smells like heaven in here! I'm going to hate for this giveaway to be over as enjoying the delightfulness so much.

Kiss My Face used only the most potent and pure extracts and organic or wildcrafted botanicals in abundant concentrations, so you'll see the results you expect and more. Ingredients like lavender, lemongrass, jojoba, vanilla, shea butter, green tea ... so pure you'll want to kiss your own face... lol.

This system was created by combining the latest scientific research with beneficial botanicals, vitamins, extracts and minerals that are time tested and true. These are among the cleanest products available, great for sensitive skin and free of ingredients that clog pores. No parabens, phthalates, SLS, artificial colors and fragrances, and not tested on animals.

Kiss My Face is so excited about their line of Potent & Pure skincare that they are giving away the whole line to one lucky reader! This is a perfect giveaway for a mom and daughter, and timely as 'tis the season to celebrate motherhood - perhaps your own motherhood! Included are the following products:


Clean for a Day® Creamy Face Cleanser - for Normal/Dry/Sensitive Skin
Cleanse, hydrate and remove makeup with organic ingredients. This soap-free, non-drying formula uses natural cleansing agents from sugar and corn to remove dirt and debris. Rich in natural and certified organic ingredients, the soothing scent of vanilla and tangerine will heighten your senses.

Start Up® Exfoliating Face Wash - for Normal/Oily Skin
Cleanse and exfoliate skin with organic ingredients. Clarify, cleanse and luminize skin with this revitalizing blend of natural green tea and other pure renewable plant sources, many certified organic. Gently exfoliate with natural fruit acids.

Shea Soy® Facial Cleansing Bar - for Normal/Dry/Sensitive Skin
Gently cleanse and calm with organic ingredients. This creamy, fragrance free bar contains organic oils, shea butter and aloe to moisturize while you cleanse. Your skin will feel fresh, smooth and hydrated.


Balancing Antioxidant Toner - for All Skin Types
Tone and nourish skin with organic ingredients. Revitalize tired skin with this blend of certified organic grapefruit, orange, ginger and lemon balm essential oils and extracts. Seaweed extract provides trace minerals while antioxidants Ester C® and Vitamin E help fight the signs of aging.


C® the Change Ester C® Serum - for All Skin types
Potent antioxidants with organic ingredients repair and help prevent the signs of aging. A generous mix of potent antioxidants including vitamin Ester C®, help rejuvenate and revitalize skin. Natural and certified organic plant oils contribute to the effectiveness of this powerhouse serum.


Under Age® Ultra Hydrating Moisturizer - for Normal/Dry/Sensitive Skin
Hydrate dry skin and reduce the signs of aging with organic ingredients. An intensively rich blend of natural and certified organic botanicals, antioxidants, Vitamin E and jojoba oil soften and smooth the appearance of lines, and fully nourish skin.

Cell Mate® Face Crème & SPF 10 Sunscreen - for Normal/Oily Skin
Lightly moisturize and protect skin while reducing the signs of aging with organic ingredients. Instantly enhance skin tone, reduce fine lines and protect from environmental stresses. Antioxidant vitamins and botanicals soothe and revitalize throughout the day while natural mineral sun block helps protect skin.

NEW! Brightening Day Crème with SPF 4 - for All Skin Types
Brighten and even skin tone and diminish skin discoloration with organic ingredients. A double duty cream that combines organic aloe and botanical brighteners with natural mineral sun protection. Evens and brightens the complexion while diminishing the appearance of sun discoloration. Great for face, neck and chest.

NEW! Intensive Repair Night Crème - for All Skin Types
Ultra rich herbal hydration to fortify and nourish skin overnight with organic ingredients. Fortify and nourish skin overnight with an herbal infusion of hibiscus, basil and fennel. Rice extract and organic sunflower oil help skin appear noticeably hydrated and resilient.


Eyewitness™ Eye Repair Crème - for All Skin Types
Reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness with organic ingredients. Smooth the appearance of wrinkles and moisturize the delicate skin around your eyes. Natural and organic oils and butters leave skin looking hydrated and rejuvenated.


Break Out® Botanical Acne Gel - for All Skin Types
Keeps skin looking clear and healthy with organic ingredients. This tea tree extract formula helps to improve the look of acne prone skin with cool, fresh organic mint and other natural and certified organic botanicals and plant oils.

So Refined® Jojoba & Mint Facial Scrub - for All Skin Types
Exfoliate and polish the skin’s appearance with organic ingredients. This non-drying, natural humectant gently exfoliates and purifies skin by removing dirt with organic jojoba beads and other natural and organic herbs and plant oils. Helps skin look visibly younger and refreshed.

Pore Shrink™ Deep Cleansing Mask - for All Skin Types
Organic ingredients detoxify skin and diminish the appearance of pores. This deep cleaning clay mask helps to remove oils and bacteria from the skin. Cloves, tea tree, lemongrass and other natural, organic and aromatherapeutic® botanical extracts clean and smooth skin's appearance.

The retail value of this fantastic giveaway is $224

To enter, tell me one fun fact about motherhood. Your name and email (won't show) will be necessary to get back in touch with you so the winner may be notified. That's it! That's all you have to do.

NOTE: One (1) winner will be chosen at random to receive this prize. Duplicate and incomplete entries will be disqualified. Contest open to residents of the USA only. Some restrictions may apply. Entries will be accepted through 11:55 pm on Sun., 5/31/09.

In celebration of Earth Day, Kiss My Face is offering 30% off their products storewide + a free recycled gift bag with any purchase! Click link and enter code: KMFEARTH9 at checkout. This offer expires 4/30/09.

To learn more about Kiss My Face and their fantastic, gorgeous, organic product offerings, please visit them online. You can find Kiss My Face at drug stores and mass merchandisers nationwide.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Mario Badescu Whitening Mask

This hydrating mask will help brighten uneven skin tones and gently minimize the look of old acne scars and discolorations from the sun. Skin lightening, natural ingredients like Kojic Acid, Licorice and Mulberry make this mask gentle for all skin types. Contains no Alpha Hydroxy Acids making it safe and gentle for acne erupted or very sensitive skin.

Mario Badescu products have been in my dressing room for years. Their Enzyme Cleansing Gel remains an all time favorite cleanser. The products are gentle yet effective and leave skin healthy and glowing.

I've been trying the Whitening Mask just on spots I've acquired on my hands in the last year or so and on a a few ruddy parts of my face. I can honestly say I'm noticing a fading. Nice - and many thanks to Mario Badescu for such lovely, pleasurable skincare! I'm never disappointed when using this line of care.

The Whitening Mask retails for $24 a 2 oz jar and are available online and at select salons and spas nationwide.

GIVEAWAY: The All Nighter Styling Powder

Guys and gals are going ga-ga over The All Nighter hair styling powder with its fresh, natural ingredients and invigoratingly light scent of tangerine. Offered by A Beautiful Life, The All Nighter is an all-natural, talc-free, aluminum-free, silica-free, paraben-free color matched hair powder for guys and gals! Use it as a dry shampoo or use it as a styling product. The ALL NIGHTER Styling Powder™ freshens your 'do, absorbs excess oil, extends your blowout, and creates awesome TEXTURE, VOLUME, and STYLE! Scrunch. Zhuzh. Fluff. Toss. Tease. HAVE FUN!

So hot is this product that Tony Artur over at A Beautiful Life wants to give three lucky For the Love of Beauty readers the opportunity to win one for themselves. You choose the color, they'll send the prize! (click here to view color choices)

NOTE: Three (3) winners will be chosen at random to receive this prize. Duplicate and incomplete entries will be disqualified. Color choice required. By entering the contest you agree that your contact and mailing information may be shared with A Beautiful Life. Some restrictions may apply. Entries will be accepted through 11:55 pm on Sun., 5/31/09.

pssst ... and by the way ... you still have thru 4/30 to purchase The All Nighter from A Beautiful Life with a 10% discount, special only for our readers.

The All Nighter is available in six shades to match your haircolor and retails for $18.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Mother's Day Gifts of "Gorgeous-ness"

Mother's Day is the one day out of the year set aside to honor and celebrate mothers, grandmothers, and motherhood in general. Planet Beauty has the perfect selection of unique beauty gifts that moms are sure to love!

Looking for something a bit unique?
Instead of a box of chocolates or the bouquet of flowers, spoil mom with Kai Perfume Oil featuring notes of tropical Gardenia and exotic white flowers ($45 for 1/8 oz).

Indulge her senses with the Fleurs de Fete Candle from Voluspa. With notes of calla lilies, crème roses, white narcissus, tuberose absolute, and butter crème cake, she'll enjoy stopping to smell the flowers whenever she lights it ($18.00 for 12 oz).

Give the gift of youth, smooth away her worry lines, and refresh her tired lackluster skin with the hugely popular Clarisonic Facial Brush. Clarisonic is guaranteed to remove more dirt, oil, and makeup better than traditional cleansing($195.00).

Give mom what she really wants and needs - a little R&R. Pamper her with Herbal Bath Oils from Kneipp; they are designed to bathe away stress, strain, and fatigue, through absorption and inhalation ($19 for 3.4 oz).

All products and many more are available at Planet Beauty stores or online at Since the first store opened in 1992, Planet Beauty boutiques have drawn a cult following of gorgeously groomed shoppers as well as numerous celebrities including Hilary Duff, Megan Fox, Mena Suvari, Miley Cyrus, Steve Carell and more.

Here's an extra little feature from Planet Beauty for you. They've teamed up with Elle to give readers an opportunity to win a Clarisonic Facial Brush. To enter the Planet Beauty Sweepstakes, click on the image above. Good luck, everyone!

BANANA REPUBLIC: Limited-Edition Travel Mini Fragrances

Chic, classy and oh so affordable!

Banana Republic introduces the latest way to wear their signature scents. The new limited-edition Miniature collection features 7.5ml versions of their best-selling Discover fragrances. Designed to be exact replicas of their “parent” bottles, minis make the perfect luxurious little gift for any occasion, and are the simple solution for carry-on travel or to tote with you each day. Who wouldn't want a cute lil' bottle of signature Banana fragrance? These are so adorable you can take your favorite of the scents wherever you go and never compromise on having a sweet little bottle to enjoy - pop one in your gym bag or your overnite tote for instant freshness whenever you want it!

Alabaster - a delicate blend of wild musk and natural florals
Fragrance Family: Floral-Floral
Key Notes: Lotus Flower, Wild Rose, Musks

Rosewood - a sensual blend of rare florals and rich amber
Fragrance Family: Floral-Oriental
Key Notes: Bergamot Champagne, White Tea Leaves, White Amber

Malachite - a radiant blend of luscious florals and warm sandalwood
Fragrance Family: Floral-Floral
Key Notes: Water Hyacinth, Imperial Peony, Sandalwood

Slate - a crisp blend of refreshing citrus and invigorating ginger
Fragrance Family: Aromatic Green
Key Notes: Glacier Citrus Water, Silver Sage, Hydroponic Ginger Root

Black Walnut - a timeless blend of aromatic cedarwood and warm signature notes
Fragrance Family: Aromatic Woody
Key Notes: Cognac, Tobacco Leaves, Cedarwood

Cordovan - a seductive blend of ebony spices and vintage leather
Fragrance Family: Modern Woody
Key Notes: Leafy Green Fig, Raw Nutmeg, Vintage Leather

Plus, they’re super affordable 1 for $10, 2 for $15. Definitely a budget beauty must-have. The Limited-Edition Minis are available only at Banana Republic stores nationwide. Get them while you can!

LUXTURAL: Celebrity Loving New Luxury Skincare

Combining nature and science to benefit skin, new high-end skincare brand Luxtural is fast becoming a celebrity favorite. Among those purported to be fans - Demi Moore, Angelina Jolie, Mariska Hargitay, Jenny McCarthy, Lucy Liu, Simon Cowell, Debra Messing and Joy Bryant.

The three launch products Silk Premonition, Sophisticated Veil and Mystique Fountain all claim anti-aging benefits, but the main focus of these luxurious products, created by Pnina Vilinsky, is extreme hydration.

So what's the secret ingredient?
Pure Pacific Rainwater, untouched by toxins

These formulas are very light and easily absorbed into skin. They are delightful in texture. Receiving fragrance from their essential oil ingredients, they are not heavy, overbearing or harsh. These are products that leave skin with a silky feel, even and smooth. They're both fresh and exhilarating.

Facial Anti-Aging Deep Moisturizing Serum
It works to prevent your skin’s biggest challenge - premature aging. While supplying your skin with the most effective and advanced anti-aging ingredients (peptides, and Vitamin E and C with long-term benefits), Sophisticated Veil immediately enhances your skin, making it plumped and firm with a distinctly supple and beautiful look. Its deep moisturization improves and refreshes your skin’s appearance on a daily basis. As its name implies, this unique serum gently wraps your skin in a nourishing “veil” that is sheer, breathable and very protective. Preventing loss of hydration, it instantly gives your skin a “lifted” and brightened appearance, and makes your skin smoother and softer to the touch.

SILK PREMONITION - 40ml - $150
Facial Deep Moisturizing Anti-Aging Lotion
As it moisturizes, nourishes and enhances the natural skin barrier, it also protects your skin from free radicals with our Special Exotic Extract, a one of a kind complex. Elegant and rich in natural ingredients and essential oils, Silk Premonition helps refine your skin’s look instantly, rejuvenating its overall appearance, giving you glamorous looking skin that feels soft, smooth and silky to the touch. At the same time, LUXTURAL™’s smart delivery system is supplying your skin with the best anti-aging, microencapsulated components in today’s cosmetic science.

Facial Deep Hydrating Rainy Mist
A superb hydrator for any skin type. Mystique Fountain tones and calms, cools and refreshes your skin, naturally protecting it from environmental damage as it reduces inflammation. Based on our Pure Pacific Ocean Rainwater (clean, soft water gathered before ever touching the earth, naturally free of harsh chemicals or contaminants) Mystique Fountain actually aids your skin in drawing moisture from the air. This also allows it to be absorbed faster and, most importantly, helps your skin retain the moisture it has.

Want to win some of these lovely products?
Elle is giving you a chance right now! Enter their Luxtural Sweepstakes and you could be the lucky winner to receive an entire skincare set that includes Mystique Fountain Hydrating Mist, Silk Premonition Moisturizing Anti-Aging Lotion, and Sophisticated Veil Anti-Aging Serum (estimated retail value, $414).

For more information about Luxtural and their product offerings, please visit Luxtural online. There, see video on the Rainwater concept, read about Pnina's dedication to creating this hydrating brand of skincare and view more goodness about the products.

ALLURE: Play It Safe in the Sun Beauty Box

Offered again this year by Allure for worry-free fun in the sun - the Allure Play Safe in the Sun Beauty Box.

Get gorgeous, sun-shielded skin this summer with their exclusive Play Safe in the Sun Beauty Box—it's bursting with full-sized must-haves from some of your favorite brands. You'll have to hurry, because like summer, these boxes go fast.

A $150 value, Allure's Play Safe in the Sun Beauty Box is offered for $39.99, available exclusively at and for a limited time only. $5 from each purchase will be donated to The Skin Cancer Foundation.

Your Beauty Box will include the following products in full sizes:

• Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Fix

• Arbonne® No Sun Intended Bronzing Powder


• Ban®Vanilla Twist™ Antiperspirant

• Burt's Bees® 25th Anniversary Beeswax Lip Balm

• Coppertone® NutraShield™ Faces SPF 70+ with Dual Defense™

• Garnier Nutritioniste™ Skin Renew Anti-Sun-Damage Daily Eye Cream SPF 15

• jane iredale – THE SKIN CARE MAKEUP® Facial Blotting Papers

• Jergens® natural glow Foaming Daily Moisturizer

• JOHN FRIEDA® Sheer Blonde® Go Blonder Shampoo and Conditioner

• Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Tri Wheat Leave-in Conditioner

For more information or to purchase your Allure Sun Beauty Box, visit Allure online now.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Plant a Tree with Lavanila for Earth Day

To celebrate Earth Month and on this Earth Day, Lavanila has paired up with the Nature Conservancy's Plant a Billion Trees Initiative ( The Conservancy's initiative is to plant 1 billion trees over the next seven years. For every purchase on, Lavanila will "plant a tree," making the Conservancy one tree closer to it's goal. The Nature Conservancy and Lavanila are helping to build a healthier world by protecting nature and preserving life.

Now, you already know about my love for Lavanila! (you'll find their body butters in my "favorite things" piece in the right sidebar.) Lavanila Laboratories delivers a new generation of 100% healthy products that are elegant, refined and luxurious in both formulation and design. Every offering—beginning with its breakthrough fragrance collection—features all-natural, vita-rich technology to nurture one’s skin, scents to indulge one’s mood and worry-free formulations to pamper one’s soul. Lavanila is committed to using only safe, 100% natural ingredients.

NO: Petrochemicals, Phthalates, Propylene glycol, Mineral oils, Silicones, Synthetic dyes, Sulfates and Parabens.

This Earth Month, "green" your beauty routine and help plant a tree at!

GIVEAWAY: RMS Beauty Cream Eye Shadow

We first introduced you to RMS Beauty in early February. There, you learned about this remarkable brand of organic cosmetics, created by Rose-Marie Swift, a renowned makeup artist in her own right. Based on living and organic principles, each product is created to hydrate and illuminate vital, radiant skin. This is color cosmetics with a skincare-bent, for sure.

The products are balmy and very easily applied. My first introduction to rms was via the "un"cover up concealer. It's quite unique in its balm-like texture yet impeccable ability to hide imperfections, conceal and illuminate skin. My next foray into the line was to try the lip2cheek. This is a unique formula that combines hydration and protection with mineral color for both lips and cheeks. Rose-Marie called upon her over 20 years of experience as a makeup artist to some of the world's most beautiful faces in deciding upon the shades and colors for this product. They are universally flattering. As with the "un"cover up, the lip2cheek is skincare quality in its balmy yet creamy texture and applies effortlessly with either the swipe of a finger or brush. You only need use rms products one time to notice the difference in texture, quality and benefit.

rms beauty is offering our For the Love of Beauty readership the opportunity to win one of their fabulous products. Fill in the little form below and enter to win a Cream Eye Shadow in the shade of Myth. Their cream eyeshadows double as an eye cream to nourish and moisturize the eye area. The formula creates a subtle refined metallic glow without large glitter particles that can detract from a modern look.

NOTE: One (1) winner will be chosen at random to receive this prize. Duplicate and incomplete entries will be disqualified. Some restrictions may apply. Entries will be accepted through 11:55 pm on Sun., 5/10/09.

For more information on rms beatuy and their gorgeous line of organic cosmetics, please visit them online at You may also find them at select Whole Foods Markets.

Happy Earth Day 2009!

I'm so behind in bringing you lots of wonderful beauty news, reviews and giveaways - please forgive. Been crazy and hectic 'round here with my "actual" day job. lol ... There's a wonderful giveaway to be announced later today in celebration of earth day, so please stay tuned.

In the meantime - enjoy the day and be kind to yourself AND your planet!


image: mygreenelement

Monday, April 20, 2009

WINNER: H20+ Bali Breeze Shower Cream

Thanks to all of you who entered our H20+ Bali Breeze Shower Cream Giveaway. H20+ products may be found at retailers nationwide and online at H20+. Read more about it here.

Congratulations to our winner:

An email has been sent to the winner. Margaret, please reply with your mailing address and your prize will be sent to you directly. Many thanks to H20+ for bringing us such a fantastic giveaway!

Stay tuned, there a loads of other giveaways coming this week.

Stop the Presses: Alchimie Forever Is Coming to QVC

Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh!

Alright, so I'm a little excited. One of my favorite skincare brands in the whole wide world is coming to QVC. Well, at least one of their delightful product offerings will be available at this time. Of course, I'll be pushing for them to offer more there - for instance their Kantic mask and moisturizers -- yoohoo, anyone listening??? lol!

Alchimie Forever, a swiss brand of gorgeous skincare from the Polla family, is the result of 20+ years of clinical experience in dermatology and biomedical research on antioxidants and the aging process. Alchimie Forever products combine some of the most powerful natural antioxidants. Extracted from herbs (rosemary, basil), plants (green tea, watercress, turmeric), and fruits and vegetables (blueberries, grape seeds, tomatoes), these antioxidants have complementary effects that strengthen, protect, and promote healthier, more youthful-looking skin. These products are as scrumptious as they are effective. You'll always find several of their products in my bathroom. (read more of my items on Alchimie Forever here.)

So, I've just learned they bringing their Diode 1 + Diode 2 Age-Defying Serums to QVC. Join Ada Polla as she brings Alchimie Forever to the masses for the first time on Wed., 4/22 at 4 am EST. Too late or too early to watch, that's okay, you can also view the fab deal they're offering to introduce the products on the QVC website directly.

Yayyyyyy, Ada! You're going to do great ... I'm going to set my alarm to watch "in person". This is so exciting. xo

Bliss: Introducing New FatGirlScrub

Bliss introduces their new product in the fatgirlslim lineup! Fatgirlscrub helps scrub away visible blub with its potent skin polisher. With 60% Himalayan Pink Salt to step up circulation and lessen the look of lumpiness, this cooling formula sloughs off dead skin to enhance the performance of dimple-dashing solutions applied afterwards (like Love Handler, FatGirlSlim and/or FatGirlSleep, of course).

•promotes circulation through exfoliation and massage
•helps reduce accumulation of stagnant fluids that contribute to lumps and bumps
•sloughs off dead skin cells that may be blocking the penetration of slimming solutions applied after

I've gotta tell you, I can't wait to try this. I'm a big fan of FatGirlSlim already. It's my go-to product for firming my thighs (believe me, I need all the help I can get in that area). It's the one product I've found that doesn't irritate my skin and actually does what it says it'll do. I love it! The scrub looks fab ... let me know if you tried it and whatcha think in comments.

Visit Bliss online for more information. FatGirlScrub is available in an 8 oz jar and retails for $38. While you're there, checkout what Bliss has on promo for mother's day. They're offering $15 off their gifts to celebrate moms!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Lancôme April Beauty Indulgence

April showers bring Lancôme color to life with this beautiful collection, beginning with renewing moisture and SPF protection in one. Receive FREE SHIPPING plus deluxe samples in this great little set from Lancôme with any $45 Lancôme online purchase.

Here is the incentive you've wanted to grab yourself a bottle of their already famous Youth Activating Concentrate - GÉNIFIQUE! Oh my gosh, this stuff is just fantastic. I've been using it for over a month now and I'm telling you the results really are noticeable. My skin is smoother, softer, more radiant, even textured for sure, and my lines and wrinkles (especially the "11" lines between my eyes which NEVER have responded to any other product) are visibly diminished leaving a younger complexion. You can read my review of Génifique here. You really have to see for yourself how good this product is to believe it. One bottle yields three months (about 90 days) worth of treatment, morning and night application.

The Lancôme Beauty Indulgence Set includes the following:
  • Color Design Eyeshadow Mini Palette in Daylight, Waif, Pose and Couture
  • Definicils High Definition Mascara Mini in Black
  • Color Design Sensational Effects Lipcolor in Work It!
  • Bi-Facil Double-Action Eye Makeup Remover Mini
  • Primodiale Skin Recharge Visibility Smoothing & Renewing Moisturizer SPF15 Mini

For more information and to shop Lancôme, please visit them online. The Beauty Indulgence offer ends 4/19/09 or while supplies last.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Spotlight on Cosmedicine's Good Night Sleep Kit

A little birdie tells me HSN will be featuring Cosmedicine's "Good Night Sleep" Kit as the Sephora Beauty-Full Buy next week.

This kit is an incredible deal that is expected to certainly sell out -- it's a hoarding must! According to a company insider who shall remain nameless, "It’s our best value for Private Nurse EVER and frankly is cheaper than buying either Medi-morphosis or Private Nurse solo – and you get two products, not one. I could rave about this kit forever…"

So what is included in HSN's Cosmedicine Good Night Sleep Kit?

0.5 oz Private Nurse (a 1 oz jar of Private Nurse retails for $75!)
4.2 oz Medi-morphosis (a 3.4 oz tube of Medi-Morphoses retails for $38!)
1ml packettes of Opti-mologist
Value $82.50

Beauty-Full Buy Price: $35

April 21st HSN show times are (EST):

2:50 AM
3:50 AM
9:50 AM
10:50 AM

Shhhhhhh ........ you can get the kit NOW if you want it. You don't have to wait until Tues., 4/21. Just click onto HSN now and find Cosmedicine under Sephora in the Beauty category. = )

Frédéric Fekkai: Jersey Gals, Save the Date

Get personal one on one hair consultation by celebrity stylist, Frederic Fekkai

WHO: Frédéric Fekkai will be giving his expert advice and style consultations at Bloomingdales. This celebrity stylist brings his expertise to his most loyal customers and fans with his trend setting advice.

WHAT: Frédéric Fekkai, the leader in luxury hair care, is offering personalized hair consultations and discussing his newest product innovations. He will be there giving advice, tips and the latest trends from the runway. Bloomingdales shoppers will have the chance to receive personal consultations from a world renowned stylist.

WHEN: Thursday, April 16th, 2009
11am – 2pm Personal hair consultations with Frederic Fekkai
**No appointment necessary**

WHERE: Bloomingdales - Riverside Square Mall, Bergen County, NJ
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