Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Beauty of Aishwarya Rai


Aishwarya Rai has the kind of almost flawless beauty that only fabulous genes can afford. I first saw her when she co-starred with the equally beautiful Dylan McDermott in the little known film The Mistress of Spices. Interestingly, the movie features the likes of our very own Padma Lakshmi of Bravo TV's Top Chef fame playing a small role. I say "our very own" because I just adore Top Chef. : )

Although Aishwarya seems like a perfect fit for a model, we've learned she took it up only part-time to get her through school. Then came the acting when offers starting pouring in while she was still studying to become an architect. India's former Miss World winner (1994) is now known as the highest paid Bollywood actress. For those who may just be learning about "Bollywood", it is used to commonly refer to the Indian based, Hindu-language film industry, which has for a few years now been creating remakes of American classics in movies (ex: Bride & Prejudice) as well as developing their own projects. A combination of Bombay (the B attribute) and Hollywood (the rest of the term) = Bollywood.

Anyway, more of the stunningly beautiful Aishwarya

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photos: Yahoo Movies

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  1. She is absolutely gorgeous! Just so stunning -- really classic Hollywood beauty.


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