Monday, June 23, 2008

REN: Introduces Their Solution for Beautifully Fit Summer Skin

Frankincense Vitamin A/C/E Revitalising Body Cream

Frankincense Vitamin A/C/E Revitalising Body Cream

A revitalizing multi-active body cream that will leave skin hydrated and beautifully fit and healthy. High levels of pro-vitamin A from Beta Carotene and vitamin C from Calabrian Oranges boost collagen formation and improve cell turnover to help restore skin elasticity, improve firmness and correct skin tone. Phytosterols boost hydration and together with Frankincense and Boswellia Serrata Oil soothe and protect the skin against premature aging.

This is so new a product, it's not yet available in the USA. REN Skincare does have a US site and their products are also generally available at Sephora. Until then, you may learn more about the product and make purchases through the home site - REN Skincare in the UK.
200 ml for $49.89

Cheerio, my lovelies! x

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  1. Love Ren!!!
    Love the attention to detail and quality of products.


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