Monday, June 23, 2008

REDKEN: Reclaim Control of Your Hair

Redken has a new line of products for those of us who want to reclaim control over our hair. Real Control is specifically targeted to women (although men may use it too) who have dry, dense, chemically-treated hair prone to frizz. Those of us with this kind of hair go through extreme lengths to tame our often unruly locks. What Redken says we need? Nourishing repair to treat and transform our high maintenance hair.

Real Control provides supreme texture transformation and ultimate repair, smoothing and conditioning dense, dry, sensitized hair. This versatile, comprehensive range leaves hair disciplined, nourished and controlled. The ultra rich formulas restore locks for a sleek look with fabulous shine. Different products in the line cater to different types of high maintenance hair and can address all the needs of women with this hair type.

“Many of my clients come into the salon looking to smooth, repair, and moisturize their hair,” says Kaz Amor, Redken Hair Care Consultant. “Real Control's multi-tasking formulas take the stress out of their routine while providing the lush results these women are looking for!”

The Technology:
Real Control utilizes what Redken calls its Care Adjust Complex. In a nutshell -

  • conditioners deeply nourish and moisturize
  • proteins and ceramides provide durable strength and lasting protection repairing the hair
  • shea butter smooths hair and controls frizz

REVIEW: I've been using the line for the past week. I can definitely feel a difference. My hair is more easily managed than usual and styling has taken less effort for sure. The result is soft, shiny, more manageable hair. I'm hugely enamored of the Thermal Resist Spray which protects hair against sun damage and contains shea butter. The scent of these products is not overwhelming, very fresh, lightly floral.

Here's the short of it. I got out of my car this morning and was greeted by a co-worker. The last time I washed my hair, let alone styled it, was Saturday night (two days ago). She says to me, "You got your hair styled and colored over the weekend, huh; it looks really good, very shiny!"

My reply, "Nope. As a matter of fact, my salon appointment is this week." This is meaningful because I had to cancel my usual appointment of an 8-week touch up due to a business appointment so I'm late getting back to my stylist for color maintenance and a cut. That it looks fresh after all this time is a real testimony to the quality of these products. My friend actually made me write down the name of the products so she could order some - just love it!

Here's more info on the products themselves:

Real Control Shampoo
Soft lathering shampoo provides nourishment,
smoothing and repair, while gently cleansing hair.
Instantly detangles the coarsest of hair, leaving locks
soft, strong and shiny; nourishing repair for
dense/dry/sensitized hair - 10.1 oz, $11.95

Real Control Conditioner
Provides intense nourishment and detangling to dense,
dry hair. Hair feels moisturized, smooth and controlled
with a vibrant, shiny finish; nourishing repair for
dense/dry/sensitized hair - 8.5 oz, $13.95

Real Control Intense Renewal Mask
Ultra rich, decadent, conditioning cream deeply
moisturizes, controls and repairs extremely dense, dry hair.
It instantly detangles and drastically improves combability to
help prevent breakage. It also delivers ultimate discipline and
total texture transformation to the most difficult of hair; super
moisturizing mask for dense/dry/sensitized hair - 8.5 oz, $14.95

Real Control Crema Care
Instant nourishing, leave-in treatment can be used daily
to give superior discipline, control and manageability to
the most hard to manage hair. It smoothes and repairs
damaged areas of the cuticle while providing protection
against heat-styling. The concentrated cream improves
texture and glide, helping to prevent breakage and
repair dry, split ends. Hair is strong, smooth and in
control; daily nourishing styling treatment for
dense/dry/sensitized hair - 8.7 oz, $15.95

Real Control Thermal Resist
Lightweight, leave-in spray repairs, detangles and
refreshes heat-damaged hair. This versatile product
can be used alone to soften coarse hair or layered with
Crema Care to tame and provide intense volume down
control. Hair looks and feels strong, healthy and revived;
intense internal hair repair for dense/dry/sensitized hair -
5 oz, $15.95

To locate a salon carrying Redken's Real Control products, visit Redken online. And for more information on the Real Control line of products, click here.

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