Friday, June 13, 2008

Bravo's A-List Awards: Fashion for a Cause

Ok, firstly, I know I may be really unpopular by saying this, but I really just think Kathy Griffin is adorable. Yes, I know she's insulted and offended people, and I'm not excusing that, but I just get a kick out of her. And did you notice how teeny tiny she is on the award's show last night? She looked smashing - in all her ensembles (and there were many)!


Project Runway Alum & Auction Fashion Designers (L-R): Daniel Franco, Alison Kelly, Michael Knight, Sweet P, Chris March, Nick Verreos, Malan Breton, Laura Bennett

Watching the parade of fashion for the autction to benefit UNICEF relief efforts in Myanmar, I knew instantly I wanted to blog on this today. My gosh, these pieces are amazing! And, initially I thought, well I'll rank them favorite to least favorite. BUT, I just can't do it. Each designer's dress is just so personal and appealing that I find I can't name a favorite and certainly not a least favorite. You designers have outdone yourselves - congratulations!!

Model - Niki Taylor (Designer: Laura Bennett); Model - Kat Von D (designer: Sweet P); Model - Candace Bushnell (Designer: Daniel Franco); Model - Holly Kiser (Designer: Chris March); Model - Karina Smirnoff (Designer: Michael Knight); Model - Nikki Blonsky (Designer: Malan Breton); Model - Rebecca Budig (Designer: Alison Kelly); Model - Kathy Griffin (Designer: Nick Verreos)

For more information on the auction and to read more about the Bravo A-List Awards: BravoTV


  1. I only caught the very end of the show but I did notice kathy Griffin looks smaller. She has def lost weight. I actually love her. Seen her at two of her shows...hilarious!

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