Monday, June 16, 2008

Beauty Trend: Cheek Contouring

Matthew Williamson

Elle UK's Amy Lawrenson has tried and try tips for getting great contour and enhancing your cheekbones. Here, her guide to perfection:

"Looking great is often a case of smoke and mirrors. Which is why at ELLE we have been perfecting the art of make-up contouring and attracting attention to the areas we like and away from those we don't.

To create the illusion of high cheekbones, if you're pale skinned use a peach or pink blush as seen at Anna Sui or if you have a darker complexion, use a bronzer to darken the area where the hollows of your cheeks are (always work up and out towards your hairline). Finish with a subtle highlighter (we love Benefit's High Beam, £15.50) along the top of your cheekbones, again working up and out. Remember less is more, you don't want your face to look stripy!

To enhance your eyes, take tips from Donna Karan and use a light shadow over the lid, adding contouring with a darker shadow in the crease between your socket and eye. Always draw the colour out and upwards and finish with highlighter just under your brow, and a little on the insides of your eye to open up the area and hey presto you'll have a model bone structure in no time."

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source: Elle UK


  1. Good demo photos. So many people forget how hard it is to contour pale skin without looking like you spilled orange down your face :P


  2. Hi Angel,

    Awwwww so glad this was helpful.. As a fair skinned woman I know just what you speak of with the organey cast .... not flattering. It's really easy to contour with the right shades and tools. Brings warmth and tone to cheeks and can really make your look pop!



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