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ORGANIC APOTEKE: Effective Luxurious Pure

organic \a-pō-ˈtēk\

Organic Apoteke's story begins with Dr. Nitasha Buldeo. Dr. Buldeo's vision to provide the most healthful, luxurious and effective skincare was inspired by her grandmother's legendary skin remedies, which were based on an unusual fusion of ayurvedic, traditional African and Native American wisdom. Just sit and think about that for a second. Comprehend the vastness of what those three cultures have historically brought to the realm of skincare - are you getting the potential vastness of that wisdom? Whew ... mind blowing. As a young girl, Nitasha helped tend her grandmother's herb garden and watched as she prepared therapeutic remedies for a wide range of skin conditions. Inspired by her grandmother's wisdom and her effective formulations, Nitasha went on to study how and why they worked.

Along the way, she discovered that the petrochemical base creams were inconsistent with the purity of the herbal compounds. We've been reading a lot about that lately, haven't we? Organic, natural, the ongoing discussions and battles of what is truly pure. You'll see it all over the blogosphere and in every reputable retail venue for healthy skincare. So in addition to isolating active ingredients and discovering synergies (idea of combined effort being greater than individual parts), Dr. Buldeo developed the ultimate organic base cream. In the process she unlocked the secrets of nourishing skin at a cellular level.

Organic Apoteke's products are cosmeceuticals: advanced formulations designed to deliver nutrients and nourishment to improve skin function and appearance. The two most important factors in the efficacy of cosmeceuticals are NUTRIENTS and NUTRIENT DELIVERY. Organic Apoteke's NUTRIENT DELIVERY SYSTEM is a revolution in formulation-science.

The key to its effectiveness is a proprietary multiple micro-emulsion technology designed to deliver nutrients to targeted layers within the skin. The skin is made up of oil-loving and oil-repelling layers. Delivering nutrients to the deeper layers, where they can really make a difference, requires working with the skin's natural system. Organic Apoteke's active complexes, "wrapped" in eight layers of botanical oils and floral waters, are designed to unfold into the skin, infusing it with nutrients as they pass from layer to layer.

So, let's summarize their claims at being 1) Effective, 2) Luxurious and 3) Pure

  • EFFECTIVE: Organic Apoteke's formulations are fortified with active ingredients including proprietary pentapeptide complex to enhance the structure and health of the skin. Their cosmeceutical ranges for face and body deliver results using only active, effective ingredients.

  • LUXURIOUS: They source only the finest ingredients from around the world and use them in generous quantities. All ingredients are fair trade and cruelty free. High percentages of opulent, exotic and active oils such as damask rose and carrot seed oil in superior formulations ensure luxurious and effective products without compromise. To give you and example, a 1.7 ounce bottle of Rejuvenating Face Cream contains the oil from four (4) pounds of rose petals. I was astounded when I learned this and am coveting my Face Cream even more knowing that.

  • PURE: Their ingredients are not only effective but pure. They use certified organic botanicals and naturally occurring minerals - no parabens, petrochemicals, alcohol (what? no alcohol - yes!), TEA, DEA, urea or synthetic ingredients of any kind. The entire range is certified organic by Ecocert, the world's oldest organic certification body, having the strictest, most exacting standards.

Ok, my beauty divas, I know this has been long-winded to get to the actual review of the skincare itself, but I was truly amazed at the history and concentrated efforts behind this company. I wanted to share it with you so you, too, may have a better appreciation of what Organic Apoteke brings to their products. This is commitment at its best!

(click image to enlarge)

Rejuvenating Range

Buttermilk Cleanser - moisturizing cleanser that leaves skin soft and smooth while dissolving make-up and impurities; organic rose oil soothes the senses, balances dryness and improves skin's ability to retain moisture; each of the products from this range have a very "ayurvedic" quality about them in the way they appeal to the senses; you can feel the nature in these products and smell the rose throughout - the cleanser is certainly no different; it's a light, gentle, liquid-gel-cream type texture with amazing benefits. 1.7 oz - $34.95

Rasayana Rejuvenating Serum - a revolutionary serum of Rasayana Complex (derived solely from organic botanicals) draws upon nature's most potent skin-firming extracts to visibly reduce appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and age/brown spots; penetrating emulsions carry the precious nutrients to the deepest layers of the skin; clinical research trials have demonstrated effective reduction in visible signs of aging; this is the product termed "Facelift in a Jar" by Grazia Magazine; it's very potent, very strong smelling, and definitely effective. 1 fl oz - $89.95

Rejuvenating Face Cream - the "ooo la la" of the range for me; rich in vitamins and antioxidants this is again sort of gel-cream (but perhaps a bit lighter) in texture, which helps to keep skin looking young and radiant; the organic rose oil (again, a whopping 4 pounds of petals used to create a 1.7 oz bottle) soothes, hydrates and most definitely appeals to the senses, their proprietary pentapeptide complex (derived solely from organic botanicals) leaves skin feeling smoother, firmer and healthy - vitamins A, C and E fortify and nourish. 1.7 oz - $44.95

Other products in the Rejuvenating Range include their Balancing Rose Toner, Rejuvenating Face Mask, and Rejuvenating Eye Cream, all of which are fabulous. The three products I chose to expand upon above are simply what I consider their three (3) core/essential products in this range. You may also try the whole range in a lovely travel/trial sized kit, Rejuvenating Starter Kit, which includes mini versions of all of the rejuvenating products in an adorable cloth-cotton bag.

Organic Apoteke also offers a facial range for normal to oily (or blemish proned) skin in their Active Range, which acts to balance, detoxify and clarify skin (although as noted on their website, both the Rejuvenating and Active ranges may be used on any skin types); a Body Range, which includes cleansing gels, hydrating oils and body creams in scents of Rose, Citrus or Lavender; soaps, bathbombs, giftsets and their own line of purely organic, alcohol-free perfume (this is my next purchase for sure).

Can you tell I'm just a bit excited about this find? Love it! Organic Apoteke may be found at Henri Bendel, some Whole Foods Markets, Fred Segal Santa Monica and online at Organic Apoteke.


  1. Organic Apoteke is launching a new website today - It should be fun

  2. i am really happy others are becoming aware of this fantastic range from organic apoteke. i LOVE the Detox Face Mask makes me tingle but boy-o-boy does my skin look GOOD. thats why its a cosmeceutical but organic is too good to be true....Thank you ROXY! great work

  3. Thanks bunches, Simone!

    Yes, couldn't agree with you more, this is such a truly wonderful brand of skincare, love the organics, and such fabulous results. My favorite of their products is the Rejuvenating Face Cream - all that rose essence ... mmm mmmm mmmm - scrumptious!

  4. I agree with Roxy, I am also a fan of Rejuvenating Face Cream....but have you tried the Rasayana could feel it working and my laughter lines around my eyes tightening. i did not believe the hype about "Facelift in a jar".But hey now i am a believer.Thanks Roxy and thanks organic apoteke. Eve (blogger friend of Simone)

  5. I use the Active Face Hydrating Gel (since I have oily skin) it is amazing - very healing - clears up acne while it moisturises! Anyone with acne should try their active products - whether you care about organic or not - it is the most effective line I have ever used!

  6. BTW they are having a 20% off sale on their website. I've never seen it on sale before so this is a great deal.

  7. these products are fantastic - after reading about them in this review, I went out and bought the rejuvenating products. MY GOD - THEY ARE FANTASTIC!!!! My husband whom has never complimented me on my skin (we have been together 17yrs) told me how great my skin was looking. then i had colleagues complimenting me on my skin - there was even a rumor at work that I had some work done. Thank you Roxy and Thank you Organic Apoteke

  8. Awwww .... that's wonderful! I'm thrilled to hear you're having such fantastic results. Everyone seems to have their favorite OA product, and what I love about it is it's not always the same one. Every product I've tried from them I've loved. They really are passionate about not only creating skincare with organic ingredients, but effective skincare with results you can see and feel. Just love it.

  9. i just received the newsletter ! i cannot believe the results. an ORGANIC COSMECEUTICAL.....i have tried them all and i love this one. Best wishes from Michelle

  10. Hi Roxy,
    thanks for a great blog. i am indebted to you for introducing me to organic apoteek. I have never before in my life been complimented about my skin. in fact i have always had problem skin i.e. acne at 35!!! i have been using detox mask weekly and the active products from OA! and wallah "compliments galore". thank you thank you thank you !!! Roxy - i have also told a few friends about OA since starting the products and they say thank you too!!! Pat

  11. Oh and by the way Roxy - my friends and I have a theory - Organic Apoteke is the best range for Afro-Caribbean skin which tends to be oily even in the advanced years and prone to blemishes. My mum is using the range as well and says that it works brilliantly for her - she has oily skin at the age of 61. Well sistas, I recommend this range and so do Stella, Dina, Rosie, Jamilla, Mischa, Emily (my mum) and others

  12. Hi Roxy, thanks for introducing me to this range - its FAB!!!!! Even got my boyfriend hooked - he is loving it!!! Tito

  13. Hi All,

    I'm so, so happy to hear you're having such great results with Organic Apoteke. It certainly is a fabulous brand of skincare. Not only are their minds in these ranges of care, but their hearts are in them as well. You really get the feel that they take their business seriously and certainly the effects and results speak for themselves. I'm indebted to Dr. Buldeo for my great skin too, and appreciate her dedication and thoughtfulness in creating skincare true to the organic concept! Quite simply - this is the good stuff! xo


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