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Wedding Cakes: Edible Works of Art

The chocolate fudge-frosted, pastel blue piped cake was the pinnacle of the wedding’s color scheme. “We received more compliments on our cake than anything else!” Jennifer says. It was square-shaped with three different-flavor tiers: pistachio, strawberry...

Who can resist admiring a beautiful wedding cake? I dare say not many. So when I saw this MSN article on new trends for weddings, I couldn't help but be drawn to what they had to say about the wedding cakes themselves.

Trend: Beyond Wedding Cake White wedding cakes are popular for every season, and of course, chocolate always reigns for groom's cakes. But with cake bakers nowadays offering so many delectable flavors and fillings, why not try a seasonal selection?

What's hot now: Get inspired by the summer flavors you loved as a child. Think fresh strawberries and whipped cream filling for a strawberry shortcake-style wedding cake, or a citrus-infused filling like Key lime, lemon, or orange vanilla buttercream that honors a summertime fruit.

Now this I have to balk at. MSN Lifestyle suggests the following, "Beyond the cake, consider serving other desserts. A big-hit idea we love: Hire an ice cream truck to arrive at the end of the night offering summertime favorites -- the perfect nostalgic, late-night snack for your guests."

Uhhhhhhh ... how about - No! Are they kidding? Is this really becoming an acceptable wedding cake substitute? A drive up ice cream truck delivering popsicles and ice cream-on-a-stick. Please, please, say it isn't so. Maybe it's just the southern belle in me. Ice cream, ice cream, we all scream, "Foul!" Well, if I had my say that's what we'd be screaming on this idea. Ugggh.

Anyway, in honor of all the true artiste bakers still bearing their creative souls through extraordinary cakes for our weddings, I show these beautiful works of art to tease and tantalize your senses (and sense of decorum to any thinking an ice cream truck serves as a trendy or proper wedding cake option). xx

Cicely & Devard: A Blue Wedding in Houston, TX
The three-tier cake was made with two flavors of chocolate—“Devard and I couldn’t quite agree on one,” Cicely admits—and frosted in blue and brown. Each tier was edged with brown ribbon, and a cluster of truffles topped it off. Cake: Susie’s Cakes, Houston; Photo By: Goen South

Diemmai & Huy: A Spring Wedding in Houston, TX
At the center of Diemmai and Huy's reception, the wedding cake held court -- a three-tier square strawberry cheesecake frosted in layers of white and pink, and adorned with a cascade of orchids. Photo By: K&C Photography

Aimee & Don: An Outdoor Wedding in Merion Station, PA
The couple cut into the three-tiered white cake, iced in red fondant and served with fresh berries. “The cake was nicely displayed in the window and, luckily, didn’t melt!” Aimee says. Photo By: Rebecca McAlpin, New York, NY

Brittany & Jason: A Traditional Wedding in Minneapolis, MN
Miniature cakes wrapped with fondant in different patterns to look like presents topped each reception table and acted as centerpieces. Brittany and Jason chose four different flavors, including white cake with fresh raspberries and devil’s food cake with Baileys Irish Cream. “They tasted amazing!” Brittany says. Cake: Gateaux, Inc., Minneapolis; Photo By: Red Ribbon Studio, Minneapolis

Erin & Nick: A Traditional Wedding in St. Louis, MO “It turned out exactly how I pictured it,” Erin says of the four-tiered cake frosted with ivory buttercream and filled with delectable layers such as white marble cake with Bavarian cream filling. The couple’s married monogram graced the top tier, and hydrangeas in between each tier added height to the confection. Cake: Lubeley’s Bakery, St. Louis; Photo By: John Fedele Images

This four-tiered cake is decorated with modern scrollwork and dozens of tiny butterflies. Cake by Cakegirls

Lauren & Andy: A Traditional Wedding in Pittsburgh, PA
Lauren and Andy cut a three-tiered cake patterned in their wedding colors. The bottom tier featured salmon, pink, and brown stripes; the middle layer was quilted and polka-dotted in the same hues; and the top was brown with pink polka dots. Fresh flowers topped off the confection. Cake: Creative Cakes and More, Pittsburgh; Photo By: Araujo Photography

Meagan & Zach: A Red and Purple Wedding in Carmel, CA
Meagan and Zach’s guests enjoyed a three-tier, fondant-covered cake adorned with sugar flowers. Inside, the confection featured vanilla cake with a chocolate mousse filling. Cake: Parker Lusseau Pastries, Monterey; Photo By: Rebecca Hutchins, RAH Photography, San Francisco

Allison and Mark: A Summer Wedding in Brooklyn, NY
The four-tier square cake was vanilla with vanilla buttercream filling and dark chocolate fondant frosting with a white Swiss dot motif. Cake: Cheryl Kleinman Cakes, Brooklyn; Photo By: Red Ribbon Studio, Minneapolis

Stephanie & Ted: An Outdoor Wedding in Orlando, FL
Stephanie and Ted’s guests enjoyed a three-tiered cake covered in ivory buttercream and adorned with ivory dots and swirls as well as a sage green ribbon at the base of each tier. Fresh flowers topped off the confection. Cake: Party Flavors, Ocoee; Photo By: Garrett Nudd Photography, Orlando

5 Stylish Wedding Themes And don't be afraid of cakes with color. This lavender rolled fondant cake topped with sugar-made white anemones is a showstopper, both unique and stylish. Cake: Elisa Strauss for Confetti Cakes; Photo By: Photography by Mary Ellen Bartley

Heather & Renzo: A Outdoor Wedding in Santa Barbara, CA
The mod black-and-white, five-tiered cake featured three layers of coconut creme, one layer of fluffy lemon cake with a lemon-custard filling, and one layer of chocolate cake with mocha creme filling. Cake: Decadence, Santa Barbara, CA; Photo By: Jose Villa, Santa Barbara

sources:, The Knot


  1. I think the intention of the ice cream truck idea wasn't to replace the cake, but to supplement it. Nothing goes better with cake than ice cream! So after the cake has been served and guests have danced, an ice cream treat on the way home is a nice closing gesture. It might be considered the favor if done right.

  2. Wow, amazing work. I love that even the design aspects of the cakes are three-dimensional, with bits and pieces curling up off the Wedding Cakes.

  3. Many thanks ... these cakes are so inspiring. xo

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