Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Beauty of India Inspired Jewelry

"Monsoon Rain" by Nicky Butler

One of my favorite jewelry designers has been bit by the Indian Muse. Well, not really surprisingly so if you consider his background. Oh, how I wish I had discretionary dollars to pick up a few of these gorgeous pieces. If you've been following style trends lately, you know that artists and designers are turning to the icons of India for inspiration right now. Fragrances, cosmetics, skincare, clothing, and certainly jewelry.

The heirloom-like jewelry Nicky is known for stemmed from years of dealing antiques in London’s Portobello Market (the world’s largest antique marketplace) and the annual King’s Road Antiques Fair. His found treasures were hugely successful, and their popularity ignited Nicky’s interest in jewelry design. This niche attracted a wide array of fans, and Nicky had the honor of being commissioned by some of the biggest designers in high fashion – Giorgio Armani, Yves Saint Laurent and Karl Lagerfeld – to create runway collections. Although designers are pairing his work with evolving and trendy fashions, Nicky’s creations remain stable and everlasting – held on permanent display in London’s famed Victoria & Albert Museum. Nicky has perfected the art of blending old and new. His interest in India’s most opulent dynasties inspired him to create new pieces for the Raj collection. These numbered, limited-edition pieces are entirely hand-created with Old World craftsmanship values in mind.

I adore Nicky Butler. I have a preference for sterling and platinum over gold, and my interest in gemstones has spanned many lifetimes (ha ha). So it is no surpise I'd be enamored with Nicky's jewelry. In his Raj Collection, Nicky brings the lush colors and intricate artistry of India's dynasties to his jewelry collection. He has combined the influences of his faith and his British sensibility with his extensive work in India to create this collection. Patterned after the jewels of the Mughal Empire, India's most opulent dynasty, each piece is handcrafted and available only in limited numbers.

My favorite pieces of his incorporate one of his trademark gems, the rainbow moonstone. This Monsoon Rain necklace above from his Raj Collection is no exception. Cabochon prehnite stands out among a multigem cluster of faceted citrine, peridot, rainbow moonstone, amethyst and blue topaz stones. Bezel-set gemstone clusters travel up the sterling silver chain and give the necklace a dainty, feminine feel. Just love it!

A little taste of some other pieces from the Raj Collection are shown here:

source: Nicky Butler

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