Friday, June 13, 2008

REVIEW: PureOlogy DandruffScalpCure

Surprise, surprise, surprise!
(Remember when Gomer Pyle used to say that? - some of you will be too young to remember I know)

Well, that was what I thought after using PureOlogy's newest products - DandruffScalpCure Shampoo and DandruffScalpCure Conditioner. I was really amazed with the results.

But let's not put the cart before the horse; let me share some background info first:

The Claim:

eliminate dandruff while maintaining hair color

Recognizing that most dandruff treatments, while effective in fighting the symptoms of dandruff, have proven to be harsh on color-treated hair even sometimes stripping hair color, PureOlogy set out to change that. As PureOlogy is the expert in color care and maintenance, it's only natural (pun fully intended, more on their ingredients coming up) that they would introduce this new zero sulfate dandruff care line, which includes a unique blend of dandruff fighting ingredients and calming, hydrating formulas to keep hair color radiant and healthy.

A gentle, effective approach to dandruff for color-treated hair, PureOlogy DandruffScalpCure is an anti-dandruff shampoo and conditioner combination with a doze of 2% Pyrithione Zinc, which helps fight the scalp scaling, itching and flaking associated with dandruff as well as prevent the recurrence of dandruff-related symptoms with regular use.

Says Dalia Levi, Director Global Marketing for PureOlogy, "Using an intense 2% dose of Pyrithione Zinc is something that sets these products apart from others in the industry."

More of the goodstuff, as promised above - the other ingredients: DandruffScalpCure contains a certified organic botanical blend of mushrooms, green tea and burdock root to calm and soothe the scalp while protecting, strengthening and hydrating hair. In addition, it not only treats, and prevents the symptoms of dandruff, it also features the latest ingredient technologies to enhance color radiance and shine, while providing color protection.

Review: You know, when I thought about trying this line, I was a little hesitant as I assumed, despite its claims, it would make my color-treated, leaning toward the dry side, thick head of hair puffy and lost of hydration. Not the case!

I am biased toward PureOlogy, I have to admit. My three favorite haircare lines are PureOlogy, Redken and pRAWduct. Yet even I, a diehard PureOlogy fan, doubted that these products would perform the way they claimed they would; dare I say it - the way I hoped they would. There's nothing worse than turning to a dandruff shampoo or conditioner with the humble hopes of ridding your scalp of unsightly scalp flaking and NOT getting that result. So with fingers crossed, yet mind full of doubt, I tried these products.

During use, although there was a nice lather and lovely scent to the shampoo, I wasn't feeling the hydration I thought would be necessary to keep my hair and color "unstripped". The shampoo rinses nicely without a pronounced squeaky feel (and I prefer that over the squeaky clean feel). I had the same experience with the conditioner. It did feel hydrating but definitely not AS moisturizing as most PureOlogy conditioners feel on/in my hair; still the same fantastic scent and rinsed well.

So, I was a little concerned my hair would result in a dried, frizzy look even after blow drying and flat-ironing. I applied my pRAWduct Flat Factor gel, as I always do as a styling product, then blew dry and flat-ironed as usual.

Oh my gosh!
Wow - what a surprise. Not only was my scalp free from any flaking [a definite sometimes issue, yes, I admit it ; ) ], but my hair was shiny, hydrated looking and feeling, and I received compliments on my hair all day. I was completely amazed, still am, that a dandruff line could yield this kind of result. Yippee .... ladies and fellas, these products really worked and they gave me the results I hoped for!

Now, all I have to really do is keep my darling 14 year old daughter from snatching it from the shower. She's already commented positively on my hair (hey, that's a plus on its own), asked about what I used, and scoped out the bottles when I first got them. Ohhhhh ... the trials and tribulations of passing on beauty addiction to a teenage daughter. Heaven help me!

PureOlogy DandruffScalpCure launches this month so be sure to check online or in salons near you for this great new line. Even if you don't have a dandruff issue, these products are fantastic for your hair and as always with PureOlogy, 100% vegan.

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